Yes Please

What a difference two years makes. The massive traffic jam heading at a snail’s pace down the A74 (M) led at the front by Nick Robinson, the journalist prone to not being able to hear comprehensive answers to questions he asks of Scottish senior politicians, sitting atop a removal van full of the RBS’s safe deposit boxes waving a union flag, and the Loch Ness Monster at the back, has come to a loud screeching halt somewhere around Ecclefechan, and turned around. The jam has now increased ten-fold heading the other way as financial institutions, international businesses, EU citizens with their valuable skills and professions, and Remain voters, prepare to seek refuge from Brexitastrophe Britain.

The pound, or as it’s currently known 68p, is plummeting faster than David Mundell’s credibility, we’re four months further along the line with not much more known about “hard Brexit’ other than it might involve a lot of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ last night of the proms type flag waving, there’s a possibility that the Tories are building a big shiny expensive boat for a tiny percentage of the super-rich to play in, and foreigners aren’t welcome, unless they are coming to sign big trading contracts, because they will you know, Boris says so! He might want to have a word with Donald Tusk to get the real picture.

Meanwhile be prepared for Project Fear to move to Defcon 1 over the next couple of weeks. It’s never really went away since well before September 2014, but it’s about to wind itself up into a furious frenzy now that the Scottish Government have announced the publication of a draft bill for a second independence referendum for consultation. Remember too that last time the British establishment were entirely sure that they were going to win the referendum right up until the last few days when they had to pull all sorts of rabbits out of the false promises hat to save their necks. This time the pressure will be on them. Their backs are against the wall, and they are capable of, and will do, anything to protect their power. They will be far more formidable then they were in 2014.

There is no official No Campaign as yet, although campaign funding is well underway. As Robin McAlpine said “ you don’t need a No Campaign to have a Yes Campaign.” I think it’s time for us to get moving.


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