It feels appropriate, as the itisintruthnotforglory blog reaches a milestone, it’s 101st post, that we are at a moment on Scotland’s timeline when today’s ramble can begin with the following quotation.

” I am determined that Scotland will have the ability to reconsider the question of independence – and to do so before the UK leaves the EU – if that is necessary to protect our country’s interests. So I can confirm today that the Independence Referendum Bill will be published for consultation next week. “…. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon 13 October 2016.

Those words, and others, during her opening address to the SNP Conference, apart from generating a warm fuzzy feeling for the many who are determined to see Scotland as a self-governing country, demonstrate that she means business with regards to protecting Scotland’s place in the EU single market, and its democratic right to ‘chart its own course’.

Nicola Sturgeon is currently involved in a game of cat and mouse with her London counterpart. I’m not quite sure which is which but my money is on the leader of Scotland’s government to come out on top in the end.

She is effectively offering Theresa May the choice of two envelopes. In the first is the option to give Scotland a free hand to negotiate its own way in to remain in the EU. In the second envelope is Indy2. Both will result in the same outcome.

The Tories and their compadres can rattle on as much as they like, with their rhetoric about there being no exceptions, the UK as a whole leaving the EU, looking at what’s best for ‘their’ UK only, and how they are going to gain all of the advantages of trading deals with their former EU colleagues without the ‘disadvantages’ of free movement but life just isnae like that in the real world.

There are no hard and fast rules on this one. There has never been a situation before like the Brexitastrophe that these wallies have gotten themselves into. For once, refreshingly, it’s a bureaucratic blank canvas.

Europe would certainly welcome Scotland, with its resources and wealth, retaining it’s place, with open arms. We had alliances with France before we got anywhere near getting involved with that mob from London. It wouldn’t even need to be a case of rejoining. I’m sure that EU experts in International law would find it a pleasure to rewrite legislation and policy to allow Scotland to almost seamlessly adopt the vacancy left by Big Sister. Even Spain wouldn’t put up too much of a fight, as they’d see Scotland remaining in the EU as a clear indicator that independence from London is inevitable, and not comparable to their various constitutional issues.

Don’t let them use the ‘you’d have to join the euro’ red herring either. I see our old friend, former republican socialist, Lord Darling of Roulanish, trying that one in an interview with Andrew Marr the other day. Nonsense. If they want you, you are in. Although the way the pound, or as it’s currently known, 68 pence, is going due to the actions of a bunch of xenophobic dunderheids, it might not be that bad an idea to join.

The arrogance of these so-called Brexiteers is incredible. They have one policy when it comes to dealing with any negotiations with their soon to be former colleagues in Europe, one policy only, it’s called Rule Britannia, or rebuild the Royal Yacht Britannia if you want to put another way.

Even this morning Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, has sent them a clear message that when they leave they’d better watch and no’ trip on the front step. In his words ” It is either hard Brexit or no Brexit.”Tusk went on to suggest, in reference to Theresa May’s government reckoning that they could have their cake and eat it with regards to preferential treatment, that “They should try buying a cake, eating it, and then seeing whether it is still on the plate.” In their arrogance they are simply not listening, and that will be their downfall.

As time moves on, and the impact of the Brexit decision start to bite deeper, job losses, dropping incomes, dire economic consequences, the contents of Nicola Sturgeon’s second envelope will become more relevant, clearer to some who previously voted No,and ultimately crucial. It’s all going to be about getting the timing right.

As she mentioned yesterday, we are now in a new discussion, making a case for independence for Scotland is a different argument from 2014. The UK is a different country from what it was then and is widening that difference by the hour.

Cynics may say that the Scottish Government are talking big to pick up some scraps of devolved power that Westminster might deem to throw their way once it’s all over bar the shouting. The tabloids will be on to that shortly no doubt.

I don’t agree with that view at all. The aftermath of September 2014 clearly demonstrated that this is a non starter. Snake oil salesmen have used up their credibility. A Scotland within an isolationist, increasingly militaristic, xenophobic, UK, which still thinks it’s a big shot is unpalatable to the Scottish public. We’ve heard the St Francis of Assisi quotes, we’ve seen distant egocentric leaders with policies designed solely to encourage greed and selfishness describe our country as ” We, in Scotland…”before. No thanks.

I think Nicola Sturgeon is holding all the right cards. She just has to make sure she plays them well. I think she will.


One thought on “Cornered

  1. I’m clearly missing out on a nuance somewhere.
    Can you tell me what body, organisation, country would realistically hold onto a leprous, damaged, basket case of a neighbour when it is clearly draining your best attempts at sustaining this vibrant and flourishing society for us all? (That society which incidentally has seen 18% of its currency wiped out virtually overnight!)
    You’d have to be mental to say to the surgeon who’s just told you your leg is gangrenous and in danger of killing you, “No, don’t cut it off. I’m a better person with it still attached. Despite all its poison, it’s our poison; and we’re all better for it.”
    Utter mince. And that’s exactly Westminster’s stance regarding Scotland.
    They’re not looking out for the good of Scotland; they’re simply looking out for the good of a xenophobic right wing Brittaniashire of old, which possibly never existed and is certainly no longer a reality.
    For the good of your health Tress; just let us go. You know it makes sense.


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