She’s a right bad yin that Nickla Sturgeon. She must be, because almost all of the papers say so, almost all of the time.

The latest misanthropic haverings of the unionist journo that was recently called out for writing nonsense by Wings Over Scotland about invented violence during the 2014 referendum are surely approaching the bottom of a very deep well of complete falsehood and invention. Bear in mind too, that incredibly these people actually get paid to write the stuff they produce.

The First Minister of Scotland allegedly is making a list (of foreign nationals in Scotland) and checking it twice, for some deeply sinister non-specific separatist plottish reason no doubt, the fiendish she-devil that she is.

Apparently the Scottish Government did a very bad thing in writing to EU residents in Scotland in the immediate aftermath of the Brexitastrophe in June to try and reassure them that they are entirely welcome in Scotland, and always will be, informing them that Scotland will do its utmost to protect them from the clowns making the decisions at Westminster.

However, according to unionist propaganda, this nasty-nat move was in fact a subtle form of intimidation (SNP very BAD), unlike the hurled brick through the livingroom windae, or petrol through the letterbox, variety of intimidation of various speeches at the Tory Party conference last week. Can any article ever be so far from the truth?

This in a week too when, according to the same clutch of unionist rags, the First Minister is personally responsible for all crime and social deprivation in her Constituency, in a city which has been in the control of Labour since God was a boy, a city which has seven of the ten poorest areas of Scotland within its boundaries. That accusation is pretty despicable.

Almost as bad as the campaign they ran for a while suggesting that she shouldn’t comment about families as she has no experience because she doesn’t have children, a campaign which, in the end, resulted in her having to disclose details of her private personal life, which are not relevant to her capabilities to carry out her role, and frankly none of their business.

We were only just recovering too from the paroxysms of Muttley-like wheezy sniggering at the faux media outrage and ‘fury’ (there’s almost always fury in the headline) following Nickla’s meeting with the German Ambassador at Bute Hoose when “ The Scottish first minister shocked onlookers when she posed in front of the tricolour German flag during a meeting with that nation’s ambassador.” Wow, who were these shocked onlookers? Why were they shocked? And us only 71 years after a conflict with a country which is now one of our current trading partners too…. Has she no shame? Although I suspect that story was more about two saltires and no union flag on a day when yet another British Prime Minister made yet more promises on yet another occasion that were not kept to the people of Scotland. That’s an awful habit those people have.

Then there was the wee gem a while back when some poor underling was set the task by one of these chip wrapper unionist fanzines to sit and go through Nikla’s then 229,000 Twitter followers , and the 3,500 accounts she was following, to try and find a connection to a screaming cybernat, any screaming cybernat, any at all. The paper then linked her to some guy who subsequently was found to use social media to swear at unionist politicians , who at a function full of people introduced himself and his son to her, then apologised to her on Twitter writing “ Sorry for springing ourselves on you’ to which the First Minister replied “ lovely talking to you both.” Their only ever contact. What a journalistic scoop!! Right up there wae Watergate. Is that barrel scraping or what?

Or the Robert Mugabe quip. Remember that one? When David Cameron’s billionaire step faither-in-law, one of the 432 privileged bunch who own 50% of Scotland’s private land, publicly compared the First Minister to the despot for daring to suggest that Scotland’s land should be “an asset that benefits the many, not the few”. The Fail, The Depress and others had some fun with that one.

My own personal favourite though was when they decided to have a wee go at her for wearing a posh Barbour Jacket, a hundred and seventy-nine squids worth, and some expensive wellies, when she visited flood victims in Aberdeenshire. This , when David Cameron, on a similar visit in England, had sent an assistant footman out to buy him a twenty pound jacket to blend in with the peasants for his visit. This jibe was handled very well by the First Minister’s husband Peter, who admitted on social media that he had bought her the jacket for her Christmas, but he was calling for a stewards inquiry as to where she got the wellies!

Anyone would think there was an SNP Conference coming up….. Oh, wait……..


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