It Is Time

I am struggling to find the right words to properly describe the impact and possible consequences of the sinister statements that have been made at the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham this week.

With an unimpeded free run at government, probably for an extended period, using Brexit as a reason, the Tories are set to turn back the clock to some mystical imaginary right-wing nirvana period in their global consciousness.

Individuals within their number are now openly displaying, as their personal vision of ‘their’ Great Britain’s future, preferences on a scale in line with the extremes of the ramblings of Oswald Mosley at one end, and at the other (the lesser of the two!) a rabid quest to entirely dismantle post WW2 social reforms, almost to the point where Clement Attlee and Bevan et al might never have existed. For the government of the UK time is of the essence. There are huge profits to be made out of ill health, the despair and misfortune of others, and the wholesale privatisation of services.

Deeply worryingly these highly significant developments include a seismic shift to the right making UKIP irrelevant, the strong promotion of insular isolationist policies, the encouragement of divisiveness and hatred of immigrants (which they, and their media,have been building towards for the last thirty odd years) and incredibly, a propaganda spin suggesting that they are now the party of the political centre, the party of the people.

Make no mistake, this is indeed frightening. If that isn’t ringing alarm bells with you please go and look up European politics of the 1930’s. They aren’t there, and I’m not suggesting in any circumstances, heaven forbid, that it will ever get anywhere near as bad as the horrors of then, but the neo-liberal elite with the power in the UK are heading down a chilling slippery slope.

There is hope. To Scots who voted No in 2014 I would say this. Please come and join us in the Yes Movement. Things have gotten very serious. It’s not about the SNP, honestly, although you know that anyway. The choices are becoming very stark and polarised. Do you really want to live in a country governed by people with these extreme views? Do you want your children to grow up in a country like that? Labour Party members in Scotland, c’mon, it is time. Bring your Party with you. You can either let this happen, or you can do something about it. Scotland is not that country, and will never be that country. We need you. Please come and join us.


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