Brexit 101

Well, there you have it. Brexit 101 from Theresa May, casually dropped out in conversation to Andrew Marr, a Thatcheresque, head slightly to one side,attempt at a charming, soothing smile included. Then rammed home via the raging spittlefest of a Brummagem located, getting more righter winged by the minute,Tory Party Conference,

Via some sleight of hand European law is to be corralled and ring fenced into UK legislation, then dumped component by component at the leisure of the Brexiteerial storm-trooping element of hopefully one of the very last UK (as we know it) governments. To be replaced by what? Be afraid folks, be very afraid.

Democratic it ain’t going to be because Parliament will be informed, rather than consulted, on most of it (kind of like Scotland) . Eat that cereal. It’s going to be more Great Rock n Roll Swindle than ‘Great Repeal Bill’.

The auld lady of London in the golden hat will spill the beans further in her next Tory Government speech to the Palace of Westminster. I hope Messrs Robertson, Darling, Prescott, Foulkes, et al, are all shaken from their mid-morning nap, amidst the ermine sleeping bags and expenses requests, to hear the result of their party’s utter feck up in choosing to sook up to the Tories in 2014. Mind you, they all got what they wanted, so why should they care.

Also, Ms May made it clear, for those of us polishing our Indy 2 placards, that by the end of March 2017 a missive with the words ‘ We hate you garlic eating, sauerkrauting chorizo munching Johnnies. Rule Britannia ‘ will be folded up into a paper aeroplane and launched from the whiter than white cliffs in the general direction of Brussels.

I’ll bet the various representatives of the other 27 European member countries have started stocking up on the popcorn. They are going to have some fun with this one…….

As for Ms May’s statement, now that the veil of any pretence of a collegiate relationship with the Scottish Government has been dropped, ” I will never allow divisive nationalists to undermine the precious Union between the four nations of our United Kingdom”……… She is too late. That already happened on 23 June 2016.

That deep rumbling sound from the North of thousands of banners and placards coming out of cupboards is getting louder…..


2 thoughts on “Brexit 101

  1. Great piece, have shared. I think ppl are starting to realise that her brexit plan could be a short, sharp shock, her aim being to take us all out before Scotland gets a chance at Indy ref#2. It is certainly my view, or/and to undermine and remove powers from Scotland. Who knows, but they have plans, to fck Scotland over during the process, no way will they allow Scotland to stay in the EuU if at all possible.


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