Shut Up Scotland

You get the idea that Theresa May’s private secretary’s diary has a reminder entry in it at 4 week intervals with the note…. ‘Remember to say something to the media that suggests we are remotely interested in what Scotland’s Government has to say about Brexit.’

Over three months have passed since thirty years of right-wing propaganda persuaded a pliable population south of the border that the European Union is somehow responsible for the woes that the same right-wing policies have created over that period.

Scotland disagrees with that decision.

It is Ms May’s view, her Government’s view, the official opposition’s view, and the view of every other institution of the British State that Scotland should be seen and not heard. Our opinion is of no consequence. A region does not have a say over the majority.

Shut up Scotland.’Great’ Britain are on a mission to become a ‘global leader in free trade’ (when they free themselves from the shackles of a favourable trading market of 500 million citizens).The empire dream lives on in the 21st century.

The Westminster government will continue to smile, make nice statements about how important it is that Scotland is consulted, nodding with empathy whilst noting our concerns, whilst clearly they have absolutely no intention of taking any notice of anything we have to say.

Meanwhile First Minister Sturgeon would be wise to continue to court as many Ministers of EU member states as her schedule allows. We’re going to need their support soon if we are to avoid becoming part of the brave new British nationalist isolationist, superiority complex cultured, post-Brexit car crash.

I do agree with one thing Theresa May said yesterday in the run up to the Tory Conference regarding Scotland and Brexit. She was quoted as saying…

“People talk about what’s going to happen in terms of leaving the European Union for Scotland’s trade – actually the economic importance of Scotland being part of the UK far overwhelms that.”

Aye, it most certainly does…… For them, not for Scotland.


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