Visited By Locusts

I came across ten minutes of a documentary recently which was mainly about how Norway is currently looking to deal with the challenge of green issues and global warming, whilst at the same time still exploring new oil and gas fields on its sea border with Russia.

The huge benefits to the people of Norway, in terms of their standard of living, healthcare, education etc as a result of the Oil and Gas Fund which was created at the time of discovery of oil was included as context to the main theme of the programme.

Norway’s responsible handling of the discovery of a vast profitable resource in its waters contrasts starkly with the treachery, secrecy and sleight of hand, which could simply be described as theft, in Scotland’s case.

Now, not content, over forty odd years, with stripping Scotland of the majority of the benefit of its own resources, reducing its industrial capacity to almost nil, slashing its manufacturing sector, diluting and eroding its public services, forcing many of the country’s workforce into a low pay, low skilled, low job security retail environment, where profit is not reinvested but removed out of the country, the British State are determined that they are getting what’s under it too.

Having made sure that they’ve pulled the blanket out from underneath renewable energy programmes with the potential to make Scotland a world leader in the production of clean energy, the propaganda emphasis is now clearly on Scotland’s ‘Midland Valley’ (they’ve already got a name right there for their shale field) right underneath the Central Belt.

This area apparently has 80 trillion cubic feet of shale gas resources underneath it, enough to meet the needs of the southern city state, and the regions that support it,for the next half century at least.

Is it a coincidence that the state broadcaster’s first two online headlines the other day were about kilted pipers welcoming tankers of shale gas coming from America to save the day, hurrah,Grangemouth jobs are secure, fracking is great, put the flags out, followed by a solemn warning from the Oil & Gas annual report, the oil price is killing the North Sea, it’s gonnae run oot, again, lack of exploration makes the future dire, and surprise surprise, diversification is the answer?

SNP Bad…. Yes Movement Bad…. Oil and Gas until you give in and let us frack the land underneath you… Very Bad…..

The Scottish Government’s moratorium is a smart move, but it’s not going to hold them back forever. There is no doubt the corporate fracking lobby are piling on the pressure in any way they can.

Only independence will stop them.

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