Independence Is There Tae Be Won

In its day we sweated out on the streets of a runaway Unionist dream.

At night they rode to their mansions of glory in taxpayer funded limousines.

Strung from lamp posts by the Ravenscraig sign,

Red white and blue flags of empire, stretching out over the line.

H-oh, Farage the clown sold a myth to the Hacks,

It’s a death trap, it’s a suicide rap.

We gotta get out before too long,

cause Scots like us, independence is there to be won.


May said let me in , I wanna be your friend,

I want to kill your dreams and vision.

Just wrap your lugs round a Brexit update,

And watch us head for oblivion.

Self-determination could break this trap,

We’ll run till we drop, no chance we’ll ever go back.

H-oh, Will you walk with us out on the march?

Cause maybe it’s time that the message of Yes went wider.

Yes, we gotta sell how it feels,

We want to show that its wild,

We want to show that independence is real…………..


The highway south’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power trip.

Freeloaders out on the run tonight,

But there’s nowhere left to hide.

Together Scotland we’ll be delivered from the madness,

We’ll work for our future, our country, our soul.

H-oh, Someday soon, We’ll find out when,

We’re gonna get to that place,

Where we really wanna go.

And we’ll stroll in the sun.

Until then,

Scots like us, independence is there to be won……. Scots like us……..

(Bruce McBoss)


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