On Track

There is not really much more to say about today, the second anniversary of the ‘1st’ Scottish Independence Referendum, that hasn’t been clearly communicated by several others much better at it than me.

There is one undeniable belief that all of these people have in common. That belief is that no one, absolutely no one, is able to manage Scotland’s affairs better than the people of Scotland.

There is a day coming when the starting pistol will be fired to begin the process to initiate Indy 2. That day however will only come when the time is right, a time when there is overwhelming evidence that there will be a definite yes vote. The signs are there that the momentum continues to move in the right direction. Unionist chaos and the ongoing rise of the right-wing at Westminster will speed this along, further highlighting the differing path Scotland is taking from the Neo-liberal city state of London controlled government.

How do we hasten that day?

The Scottish Government must come up with a manageable workable arrangement for a Scottish currency that can be implemented without the requirement of an agreement from the UK Treasury, and clearly communicate this to the people of Scotland.

The wider Yes Campaign must come up with a clear plan to address questions on pensions and a communication strategy which will act as a conduit to successfully inform Scots who do not use social media as a source of news or a means to be informed on issues of the day.

We must come up with an answer to the unionist propaganda strategy on the curse of North Sea oil, highlighting the benefits of current economic assets and the potential of areas like renewable energy.

The official Yes Campaign, this time, must ensure that they have a designated team ready specifically to rebut every spurious far-fetched scare story which is released from the unionist side with facts on the same day that the stories appear in the media, and distributed as widely as is possible.

We’ll be starting the next campaign from a much larger base than the last time. Patient listening and addressing the concerns of former no voters using tested sources of clear factual information with no jargon will raise that number to the tipping point.

The unionists are always battering us with the heart and head argument. We’ll win this in the end by appealing to both.

In that vein the best quote I’ve read today which sums up how I feel on this anniversary, and I’m pretty sure many more Scots feel exactly the same way, came from Stewart Bremner on social media in the form of a vow.

The vow says ‘I promise that as long as I have breath left in my body, I will continue to work towards the creation of a fair, just and independent Scotland’.

The box has been opened. We are never getting back in to it.


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