83 Days

Remember this?

“What is your Plan B Mr Salmond?” How much will a First Class stamp be in an independent Scotland? What will the rate of pension be for a single pensioner in the third year after independence? Who will defend us from Ming the Merciless after independence? What will Scotland do when it gets horsed out of the European Community if it becomes independent Mr Salmond? Will we be a third world country Mr Salmond? From what age will children be required to attend school in an independent Scotland? How high will the border fence be at Gretna Mr Salmond? What will we do when we have no banking system in Scotland? By how much will prices increase overall at Tesco’s in the third financial reporting period of the fifth year after independence? What will happen when Scots can’t access blood from the blood transfusion service Mr Salmond? Will there be sufficient flour to make bread in an Independent Scotland? Will we have electricity Mr Salmond? Should we all start hoarding tins Mr Salmond? ………. Can you shove your granny aff a bus Mr Salmond?……and, is it true that the pandas at Edinburgh Zoo are genuine separatists?

Yet 83 days after the craziest con ever played on a mass audience since Yuri Geller bent spoons……….

What is your strategic plan to successfully follow through on the Brexit decision Prime Minister May? “ I’m not telling you”…..

How about you Mr Davis, as the minister responsible, how are you addressing the issues? “ It’s a secret”….

Ok, One for you then Mr Hammond, as the man with his finger on the pulse of the finances of the country, what are the main financial deliverables you will be concentrating on during any Brexit negotiations “ Shhhhhh. Mum’s the word”………

Mr Johnson, as one of the main proponents of Brexit, and our chief foreign diplomat, what’s your considered opinion on how the process to remove the United Kingdom from the European Union is progressing?…….”Ya. Champagne anyone?”

83 days, and they have no clue what to do next.

Pleas encourage your friends and neighbours to fill in the Scottish Government online survey folks…..it only takes a couple of minutes.


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