An Ignominious End

The man doesn’t want to be a distraction, he says. Theresa May is doing a cracking job, he says. They will do what’s best for the country he loves, he says.

Why can’t high profile politicians whose ambition and ruthlessness has gotten them to the top of the pile, and are then removed, just not be honest when they retire from politics? Why can’t they just admit that they feel that dealing with constituency issues is beneath them?

He’s heading off to a life of continuing luxury, seats on corporate boards, incentives received for lobbying and endorsement favours for old school chums, huge fees for the odd speech, and a lucrative sum from the Cameron legacy memoirs.

A few highlights, of many, which won’t be in the book……

Food-bank use increased by 1665% (2014/15 figures) to more than one million regular users, including 400,000 children, on his watch.

Damning evidence was revealed of systematic wealthy individual and corporate offshore tax avoidance, denying public services the funds needed to address poverty, health service waiting times, poor housing and lack of investment in deprived post-industrial areas, on his watch.

Westminster’s Government deliberately employed withering austerity measures, sucking the life out of the public sector, and destroying lives, in order to prepare the ground for privatisation of services, further increasing the wealth of the few by draining financial resources from the many, on his watch.

As Prime Minister he seriously dodged the big one in 2014. His gamble that Scots would not have enough confidence in themselves to vote for self-determination nearly didn’t come off, and required panicked false pledges and promises, and all of the propaganda resources the British establishment could muster, to swing it in the end.

His luck ran out in 2016. His mistake of pandering to the increasingly far-right of his party was his downfall. He has unleashed the next phase of the Thatcher project for the now isolationist disunited Kingdom.

The democratic deficit imposed on Scotland by Westminster has a fault-line of San Andreas proportions running through it, and it is getting wider by the day. Scotland must, and will, get out.


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