Stop Talking About Independence!

Nicola Sturgeon, Tank-girl and the leader of the Scottish branch of the Jeremy Corbyn fight-club sit down to lunch……

Nicola Sturgeon “ Yum, the food on this menu looks lovely. I’m stuck for choice.”

Ruth Davidson “ There you go, mentioning independence again. You are obsessed with this.”

Kez “ Aye, you are right Ruth. She is obsessed with it.”

Nicola Sturgeon “ Mibbees I’ll have the fish, it’s done with fresh vegetables. Looks lovely.”

Ruth Davidson “ This is becoming like a broken record. Your party is a one trick pony. You’ve only got one policy, independence.”

Kez “ Aye, Nikla , you do talk about independence all the time. We’re sick of hearing it.”

Nicola Sturgeon “ Mind you that chicken in a white wine sauce looks good too, with sautéed potatoes.”

Ruth Davidson “ Concentrate on your day job instead of swanning all over the country talking about independence.”

Kez , pointing at Ruth Davidson “ Whit she said”

Nicola Sturgeon “ I don’t know If I’ll have room for a dessert. The sticky date pudding looks nice.”

Ruth Davidson “ Preparing legislation for a second independence referendum? Why don’t you just forget that, and run the country like you are supposed to?”

Kez “ What does running the country mean?”

Nicola Sturgeon “ I’ve made up my mind. I’m going for the chicken.”

Ruth Davidson “ You are just causing uncertainty and a lack of confidence in the financial markets with all of this talk of independence.”

Kez “ Indy, Indy, Indy ….out, out, out!”

Nicola Sturgeon “ What are you guys having?”

Ruth Davidson “ Uuumm, dunno.”

Kez “ Eh? What was the question?”


3 thoughts on “Stop Talking About Independence!

  1. Ha! Ha! Ha! Brilliant! Sums up my thoughts exactly. (I’m enjoying reading these posts ‘in bulk’, see my previous comments.)
    Independence? Referendingdums? Why d’you always talk aboot it Nikla? Ha! Ha! Ha! Brilliant!


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