Nationalists And Their Obsession With Flags

I was wondering when the Daily Depress, in all of their outraged ‘fury’,would re-visit the subject of flags and Scotland. It seems that the recent visit to Bute House of the German Ambassador has given them their opportunity.

In a hail of jingoistic rambling the Depress has gotten its conkers twisted in a sock because, in honour of the Ambassador’s visit to Edinburgh, the flag of Germany was displayed publicly alongside the flag of the host nation, Scotland, and, wait for it, this is the despicably shocking bit, nudge nudge, wink wink, don’t mention the war,First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had the audacity to pose with her visitor for photographs in front of it!

Apparently, according to the journalistic rant ” onlookers were shocked when she posed in front of the tricolour German flag.” My goodness. It must therefore have been like a scene from the John Buchan classic novel “The 39 Steps” when the local laird and his household staff are exposed as evil Germanic spies, hellbent on bringing down the empire.

There surely then must have been audible gasps, loud policemen’s whistles and cries of “quick constable, after her!” At the sight of such malevolent and iniquitous behaviour.

No? Tell me this, why in 2016 would anyone of sound mind have any reason, any at all, to take the hump at the First Minister of Scotland having her photograph taken with the representative of a country which Scotland has a trading partnership with, in front of the flags of each respective nation? Why?

Could it be something to do with nationalism perhaps? Oh no, sorry I forgot, there isn’t such a thing as British nationalism is there, it’s called patriotism when it refers to red, white and blue flags, not nationalism. Nationalism only applies when you wave a blue and white saltire and start talking about social justice, fairness and equality and self-government.

No, the essence of the piece is that the Depress is yet again trying to stir up discontent and division between our neighbours to the south, good people that they are, and Scots, by suggesting that Westminster’s new Prime Minister,Theresa May,was snubbed during her visit to Scotland as there was no Union flag on view during her getting-to-know-you chat with the FM, and horror upon horror, instead, two Saltires were on display around the ornate fireplace behind the seating arrangements in the room.

To support their bilious article, and their outrage at this snubbing of a flag (it’s getting scarily like America) the paper goes on, using their usual anonymous ‘a source said’ to make suggestions that First Minister Sturgeon and her party are on their last legs, in a kind of last days of the Roman Empire type analogy, totally inaccurate, but definitely wishful thinking, no doubt,on their part.

I thought it was us who were supposed to have the obsession with flags? There are only one real set of nationalists involved in the ongoing campaign for Scottish Independence, on the other side, and they aren’t Scottish.

The quicker Nicola Sturgeon presses the start button the better. In fact, c’mon UK Brexiteers, invoke Article 50. Scotland will be 10 minutes behind you with a very important announcement.


One thought on “Nationalists And Their Obsession With Flags

  1. Loved this one Ally. I’ve just listened to the pish and piffle that comes out of “the only Tory in the village”, Fluffy Mundell’s mouth and it genuinely astonishes me, it really does, at the amount of times I have heard Dave, Wooth, Tress, Liam (ah Liam, bless) who have ALL at various times told the SNPsters to stop bringing up another referendiddums. It does astonish me – genuinely – because you know what? I have never heard ANY of the SNPglers raise the question of another referennnum; it’s not in their interest at this moment.
    The ONLY ones who have ever raised the question of refereeingdom are the Unionist cabal who are clearly petrified that their message, that flawed and clearly bogus message, has been exposed once and for all. The genie won’t go back into the bottle, Scotland has been shafted, visibly, and the Union is dead.
    It’s only a matter of time. 🙂


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