Lift Your Head Up


Lift your head up. Look up. Look up above the tree-line.

Focus your eyes. Set your mind to work. See the distant horizon.

Further out in time. Further out, well beyond the bitterness and the coming tipping point.



See clean energy, harnessing wind, wave and water, the rays of the summer sun.

Communities renewed, ‘Clearance’ sites reborn, growing infrastructure.

Fair and equitable land reform. Safe and warm homes, dignified. Solid.

Available, affordable, sustainable for all.


See fear and worry replaced by world-class timely health care.

The focus on you, and yours, from nursery to senior citizenship.

Constitutional rights enshrined in law and public policy.

Scottish by birth, or Scottish by choice, no difference.


See encouragement for those who innovate.

The return to being known, throughout the world, as a place where useful things are made.

Enabled and supported by public investment and local banking policies.

Management & workers co-operatives, a focus on long-term growth and common benefit.


See an emphasis on education as a core building block for your children’s future.

Tertiary and technical programmes available by choice, and aptitude, for all Scots, no financial barrier to opportunity.

Enhanced by re-investment generated by overseas students, eager to study within a system of academic excellence.

Some of whom will stay, and become new Scots, contributors to a country’s success.


See a place where democracy isn’t just an empty word, involving people in suits far away.

A place where decisions about issues where you live are made where you live.

The dwellers of cities, toon’s and villages handed, and taking, structured responsibility for their communities.

Confidence, self-reliance and positivity considered the natural state.

Just lift your head up.



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