Unreconstructed Nationalism?

I had intended putting together some appropriate words today on the fact that the self-appointed Special Envoy to Scotland with absatootley no portfolio, Gordon Brown, seems to have driven his Vow-mobile back into town to offer succour to the disaffected, solutions to big problems, and in terms of the future of Scotland, a third way.

He’s coming over all fevered and Federal again, and he reckons around 80% of Scots would agree with him. This is what happens when someone with an ego the size of the Forth Bridge,with more brass than the Pontypridd Colliery Band, but no power, and limited influence, gets put in front of a microphone.

I was giving his comments due consideration until half-way through the article I was reading he was quoted as saying new circumstances (presumably post-Brexit) require a “constitutional breakthrough that transcends the sterile stand-off between a non-change conservative unionism and an unreconstructed nationalism.”

“Unreconstructed nationalism”? If after all of these years as a scotsman, and as a politician who represented constituents from Scotland, he seriously thinks independence for Scotland is about unreconstructed nationalism he is living in a 1970’s time warp. The only unreconstructed nationalism involved in the constitutional question for Scotland has a red,white and blue flag accompanying it.

Needless to say I didn’t finish reading the article, and his words require no further comment. Mr Brown’s look at me, look at me act has become more than a bit stale.


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