Who Do You Trust?

The much mentioned SNP initiative to raise awareness and challenge attitudes about what independence would mean for Scotland is due to commence later this week.

It would be great to see, as part of this campaign, some effort expended to encourage Scots who previously voted No in 2014 to consider the bigger picture and look beyond the continuous negative media campaign which berates them with tales of woe and disaster.

It is crucial to the success of any second independence campaign that more Scots than before become better informed about the facts, rather than the spin, and the short-term viewpoint.

If folk do their own research, they will discover, quite quickly that more often than not the financial disasters or fiscal mismanagement which the UK establishment and their media pals accuse Scotland of have actually come about, or been constructed, as a consequence of incompetence or greed, or the result of restrictions imposed, by those who actually hold the power, the British State.

You’d think, for example, that the whole of Scotland was about to drop down a massive sink-hole following the publication of the GERS report last week. However the media weren’t too keen to add any context in their reporting that would perhaps have informed viewers or readers of news reports that for 34 of the previous 36 years Scotland has subsidised the rest of the UK.

The GERS results are a prime example of the very reason Scotland should become independent. If generations of being governed from London results in a deficit and financial mismanagement for a country with the abundance of resources which Scotland has there is something seriously wrong.

The British State use transient scare stories of temporary disaster masterfully to keep control. This is expertise acquired over many years, the same tactics having been deployed to manipulate and exploit about a quarter of the planet in times past.

At the end of the day when a second referendum comes about the people of Scotland will have to decide who they trust. Do they feel that their country, utilising the skills and knowledge of its academics, its engineers, its innovators, its people, those who have a commitment to a nation they love, whether the were born there, or whether as new Scots they have come from elsewhere to seek a better life, and to contribute, is best served making decisions about its own future?

We keep hearing that to win a campaign we must always concentrate on the positives, and I understand the reasons why this is the case, but there surely must be room for us to also heighten awareness of the reality of the ‘partnership’ Scotland is supposed to be in too.

Would you trust a remote ‘partner’ who in the last two years has completely ignored the will of the people of Scotland, when 58 of its 59 MP’s voted to stop the renewal of nuclear weapons in Scotland’s water?

Would you trust a ‘partner’ who, during financial negotiations over the limited tax powers it deems to devolve to the Scottish Government, attempted to pockle Scotland out of potentially 7 billion pounds, essential revenue to pay for public services?

Would you trust a ‘partner’ who will, and won’t think twice about it, take the whole of the UK out of the European Community despite the people of Scotland voting overwhelmingly to remain?

Going back further would you really trust a ‘partner’ who freely admits that they hid a significant report that they commissioned in the 1970’s about Scotland’s potential from its people for 30 years, in case Scots found out that their natural resources would make them “as rich as Switzerland” should they decide to become independent, a ‘partner’ fearful that the people of Scotland would learn that “the Scottish pound would be the hardest currency in Europe”?

Or would you trust a ‘partner’ who in the hours leading up to the Scottish Parliament historically being re-convened, changed the maritime boundaries of Scotland so that they gained control over larger areas of Scotland’s waters to exploit for resources?

None of this is fiction or conspiracy, it all happened. No matter what you read in the unionist press Scotland is not the disaster they make it out to be. They’ve had their massive slice of cake, and exploited it to the extreme for a long time. They’ve kicked the arse out of it.

There is so much for Scotland to be positive about in the future. Think of the huge advances an independent Scotland could make in healthcare, housing, standards of living, education, employment, child and aged care, renewable energy. The only limits to this are still in the minds of some of the people of a country who have been told for many years that they are “too wee, too poor and too stupid” to ever govern themselves. That mindset needs to change.

It is time for Scotland to flourish.


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