Scotland Is A Basket Case?

Scotland, what a basket-case you are. An economic disaster, vulnerable, naive, incapable of looking after yourself. You couldn’t possibly exist without the warm beneficence of the United Kingdom, which subsidises your comfortable existence.

Surely that must be right, because GERS says so, the unionist media says so, the Scottish news says so. It must be right.

In reality the United Kingdom could not exist without you. Despite what you are told, and the fluctuations in oil prices, which funnily enough go up as well as down, they need your oil, because of it you have subsidised them for 34 of the last 36 years. They need it badly.

They need your whisky, exports of which generates an enormous amount of tax revenue for the U.K’s benefit, not yours. They need your waters to park the nuclear missiles they spend a fortune of your tax money renting from America in, far away from them in case of an accident. They need your fishing industry, more so soon after Brexit. They need your land,to maintain centuries old feudal spoils, and if you are not careful they’ll also have what’s under it, and, they really need you to stay with them so that they can keep a seat with the big boys on the UN Security Council.

Yup, Scotland, you running your own country would be a disaster, for them.


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