As reasonable people, as human beings, where do you even begin to start to rationalise when you read, after an article about the First Minister of Scotland on a Scottish newspaper’s website, hate-filled comments from one of their plethora of lovely anonymous readers saying of Nicola Sturgeon that “incapable of raising offspring herself, she now seeks the empowerment to interfere in the upbringing of everyone else’s children”?

How do you formulate a response to comments on the same news website, this time after an article about the First Minister’s mother, describing Mrs Sturgeon as having ‘ A face like Jackie Baillies dog”?

How are you supposed to react to comments on that news site, earlier this year, following an article about Humza Yousaf and the future of the monarchy, stating “This guy is a hardcore Islamist. Scots pride themselves being against fascism and racism , but this guy has slipped under the radar.” or “How long will it be before leading members of the SNP such as Humza Yousaf and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh advocate the replacement of Scots law by Sharia law”? These last two examples are mild by the way in comparison to some of the disgusting racist hatred that these two Scottish politicians have to put up with. Most are unrepeatable.

Politicians are up there to be questioned about their policies, it goes with the territory, sure, but slaughtering them about their colour, race, religion, sexual orientation, biology or perceived looks? Na.

How too do we handle continually being referred to as “anti-English”,whether repeatedly in the media or by individuals planted in audiences with the aim of trying to prove the SNP must ‘hate’ somebody, particularly when for many of us our spouses, families and best friends are English, or perhaps we are English born ourselves?

They just don’t get it, do they?

There are a multitude of such examples of this hateful divisive bilge around, all easily viewable on the news pages of the unionist media’s usual suspects. The fact that they are there, and are added to every day can surely only suggest that the moderators of such sites consider these types of comments reasonable in their content.

Meanwhile unionist celebrities and reporters toddle off on a regular basis in the huff from social media, usually with huge media coverage, and very little evidence, crying foul, citing raging bullying ”Cybernats.’

Does that seem fair or rational? Certainly not.

Yes, most definitely there are idiots who do the cause of independence in Scotland no good, and are manna from heaven for the opposition, giving them something to point at. How do we minimise the negative impact of this fringe minority? Answers on a postcard please, but, seriously if there is real evidence that sinister individuals are making threats to celebrities and news reporters who vocally support unionism the police should be called in pronto. However, many times in the past such purported evidence is scant.

I’m stating the bloody obvious when I say this but the media’s red, white and blue blinkers never ever come off when it comes to anyone putting forward alternative views to the established unionism of Scotland or the rest of the current UK.

British nationalism is so ingrained that it isn’t recognised as a characteristic of the United Kingdom’s culture by it’s media, unless, on occasion, it is too extreme to ignore.


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