An Aspiration

A beautifully clear vision, recorded from space by NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, of a distinctive dramatic rugged land, in all of its splendour, gleaming in uncommon cloudless skies, in a cold northern sea.

With its breathtaking scenery, its history, the stuff of legends, its distinctive and age-old education and legal systems, its tendency to produce natives minded towards invention and a questioning curiosity, those who discover nature’s miracles, or generate innovation which has markedly changed the world.

With its profusion of natural resources. With its potential to create energy in abundance to support itself with the assistance of the power of its harsh weather and the turns of the tide. With its greatest resource, its people, warm and hospitable to strangers, pragmatic, with a burning sense of fairness, justice and equality, ingrained through their experiences, and knowledge of the toil and experiences of their forebears. All of us Bairns of Tamson.

With its determination, by majority, to remain a part of a common community, to trade and to move without impediment, to share cultures. With the trust and responsibility to execute their sovereign will handed by its citizens to its democratically selected representatives, those who serve in a distant remote seat of government, it demands only one outcome.

To be treated without bias or favour, or considered as lesser than others, but to be seen as an equal partner, a mature self-governing country, welcome in the community of world nations, and a friend to all who value human rights.


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