‘Trust The BBC To Do What’s Best’

it is very clear to see that pretty soon former First Minister Alex Salmond is going to have to either stop looking at the mainstream media altogether or visit his GP for a serious discussion about his blood pressure. The poor guy is stuck in a fit of apoplexy, and no wonder. That guardian of the truth, and key reinforcing institution of the British State, the BBC, would try the patience of anyone who has a memory span longer than Bob the Goldfish.

They deserve an award for dredging up, and misreporting (again), the RBS scare story of doom. A tale of long lines of removal vans filled with safe-loads of cash, piles of IOU’s, calculators, marble countertops, and bank-clerk, financial services and IT jobs, heading south at the first hint of the word referendum. All of which, (again) is a complete load of fallacious nonsense designed simply to remind us non-politically minded masses of how baaaaad Independence would be for Scotland.

For those that are their contented audience, just you keep looking at pictures of Kate’s new dress, the Red Arrows scraping union flags out of contrails across the skies, Nicholas Witchell’s sycophancy, the great British dance-on-ice-whilst-cooking-nouvelle-cuisine final, and carry on cheering that nice chap Murray that’s been adopted (because he’s a winner) as English, according to the Mail.

That is absolutely no criticism at all of Andy Murray, a fine lad, or for that matter is it any criticism of the overwhelming majority of the people of England either, who to some extent have to put up with the same media pap and nonsense that the people of Scotland do. The only difference in their case is that when Scotland is mentioned in their news media what they hear is nothing but blatantly false propaganda that is divisive and suggests we’re all nasty hard-line separatists who don’t like them.

Thankfully at least in Scotland we have some means, we could be doing with more, to try and address this reporting imbalance, new media and ‘The National’ being the most prominent examples.

Going back to Andy Murray he deserves great credit for the public stand he took in 2014 in support of Independence for Scotland. A stance for which he has been pilloried by British nationalists, whom I note, reading comments leading up to the Olympic final, still bear him ill will, all because he expressed the opinion that his country should govern itself.

Indeed in the hours leading up to the referendum reading Murray’s tweet, him a then we’ll established favourite of British society, I actually thought we were going to do it. My thinking was that if someone like him was saying publicly that independence is a good thing we may have gotten over the line.

In other BBC news, but still on Murray, the State broadcaster’s commentary team referring to a bunch of guys in “C U Jimmy’ wigs in the crowd during the tennis Olympic Final as English, was just another in a long line of such faux pas, so what. On the other hand if you go out wearing one of those comedy Scotchman tartan tammies and ginger wigs you should take what you get. That kind of ‘Russ Abbott Show’ Scottish kitsch is to a lesser extent (obviously) heading along the road of being as cringeworthy as another long running BBC Saturday night entertainment series of a bygone era ‘The Black and White Minstrel Show.’

It’s almost an intrinsic part of being a modern day Scot that at some point, or at many points, you’ve had to correct someone who refers to you as being English, or from England, and when you do they usually just look at you as if to say ” Is it not the same thing? You are just being trivial”, and dismiss your view. This generally makes most Scots feel a wee bit awkward, either resulting in you questioning your own view  or ignoring and letting go similar references when they are made in future.

Deeply embedded long-term cultural suppression takes many forms, both consciously and unconsciously, reinforced and maintained by the likes of Scots’ born John Reith’s public service broadcasting creation.

It was once said,during the 1926 General Strike, by the then Home Secretary, that he had been authorised by Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin to say, in reference to how the strike was being reported, that the government ‘Trust the BBC to do what’s best’.

For whom? It certainly isn’t doing what’s best for Scotland.


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