Did Ye, Aye?

I see our beloved Viceroy has a well reported sound-byte on the state media service spouting forth enthusiastically about the great things his government are doing for the economy of Scotland, and calling on the nasty First Minister to halt all of this talk of a second referendum on self-determination because it’s causing economic and financial uncertainty.

Eh? And fecking eh again?

This man is a representative of a Government whose recent decisions, according to the Institute of Fiscal Studies, based on figures from the London School of Economics, may very well result in the current United Kingdom being poorer by around 4% of its GDP, around 75 billion pounds, or 2,900 pounds for every household in the country, creating an initial hole in the British State’s finances of between 20billion pounds and 40billion pounds within as little as three years.

This same Government he is a member of since coming to power have added more than 555 billion pounds to a national debt of currently around 1.6 Trillion pounds, a debt of around 25 thousand pounds for every citizen of the UK, despite years of withering austerity measures for those who can ill afford it,and offshore tax free accounting for his colleagues.

A red neck? Ye couldnae paint one on him. Naw, keep talking Nicola. We’re listening.


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