Finding The Plot

The Scottish Daily Depress is really starting to leave the Hootsmon (which is bad enough) and others trailing in it’s wake in the propaganda quest to eviscerate the pro-independence movement in Scotland at every turn.

This morning though they seem to have missed a real opportunity to go to town, in their online article about First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Germany to visit Foreign Minister Michael Roth to discuss Scotland’s continuing commitment to being a member of the European Community in light of the Brexit voting result.

I expected, when reading their overly sensationalist headline about the visit “Nicola Sturgeon in Brexit PLOT talks in Berlin”, to read a story along the lines of a sinister Godfather-esque conspiracy, with the FM taking on a Michael Corleone-like persona, flying out to meet with ‘Hyman Roth’ and joining forces to plot the downfall of Don Theresa and the Brexitolli organised crime family.

Instead all this news site managed to produce in their article was a repeat, almost verbatim, of the same bland inoffensive story about the trip, with quotes, that the British state broadcaster, and others, had already published.

What were they trying to achieve by using the word “plot” in their headline? What element of the visit to Germany could in any possible sense be considered to be part of a plot? Curiously though, like much of this paper’s work, no reference to the “plot” they’ve clearly lost, but like using in headlines in capitals, exists in the actual article itself.

It is a publishing style which is as subtle as a house brick delivered at high velocity through a closed window. It is also interesting, and slightly concerning, to note the amount of times they use the words “Sturgeon” and “fury” in the same sentence in a headline. This they do on a regular basis, which is clearly designed to whip up hatred and distrust.

Headlines like “Sturgeon left HUMILIATED as poll finds Scots WANT to remain part of Britain”and “Sturgeon’s independent Scotland in TATTERS” say only one thing to their subscribers, don’t bother reading any further (because we have no content to back up our wild assertions) but be sure Nicola Sturgeon, Yes supporters of all descriptions, and the SNP, are very baaaaaad.

I would suggest to them though that now and again, just now and again mind, it might be handy to include the odd shred of evidence or add some elements of the truth to a story that they publish about the campaign for self-determination in Scotland. It would kind of add a bit of credibility.

One of the key challenges in the forthcoming Indy 2 campaign will be overcoming and successfully countering the dross that these poor excuses for newspapers produce with the positive benefits which independence will bring. That work can’t start soon enough.


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