Are ‘Cybernats’ Extremists?

Have we truly reached a point now where the sovereignty debate in Scotland has been dragged down to as near the lowest farcical level as is possible to reach? A time when every few months yet another Unionist journalist, always one of those who have spent the last few years making wild general statements that suggest that all committed advocates of self-determination are obsessed screaming Cybernats, lifts his scuffed plastic football up from the school playground and sulks off, with his bottom lip trembling, saying he’s not playing anymore?

These self-appointed formulators of public opinion need to get over themselves. They really are not that important. This cabal,whom I won’t name, but we all know who they are, have made a point for years of seeking out the wackiest fringe Braveheart zoomers they can find on social media, and highlighting their rants as being demonstrable evidence that the 99.9999999% (the rest of us) are just howling at the moon sinister extremist blood and soil nationalists.

If they are going to spend their time dishing that sort of nasty stuff out I would suggest they need to be able to take it as well. It’s not a game of tit-for-tat but if we were to spotlight the level of vile bitterness and bile flung regularly in the direction of the likes of Nicola Sturgeon or Humza Yousaf there really would be no way to make a reasonable comparison.

In the world the rest of us inhabit are we extremists? As supporters of independence for Scotland what exactly could be considered to be extreme about not wanting to have nuclear missiles, weapons of mass murder, which the majority of people living in Scotland don’t want, stored in your country, many miles away from those who made the decision to place them there?

What is extreme about expecting that the democratically elected representatives you have chosen to represent your views have some say in the government of your country?

What is extreme about being unhappy at the prospect of your country being removed from a well established trading partnership, away from access to common grants and a market of 500 million potential customers against the will of the people who live there?

What is extreme about thinking, in the 21st century, that a family in London born into obscene levels of wealth, power and influence are no better than the rest of us, and that to be described as their ‘subjects’ is absurd in a mature democracy?

What is extreme about wondering why Scots living in parts of your country, which were laid waste as a result of deliberate post-industrialisation underinvestment thirty years ago, are still today subject to poor housing, still experience extreme poverty, and suffer from major health issues which others don’t, even though for at least the last forty years, apart from last year, your country has contributed significantly more financially in tax to the treasury than it’s share?

What is extreme about being angry when a remote government used to imposing its will, a government which your country did not vote for, and who don’t represent your views, admits that, as part of negotiations to extend, marginally, the tax raising abilities of your country’s limited power devolved government, they tried to set a trap which would have resulted in your country receiving around 7 billion pounds less to fund vital public services in the settlement?

If all of above is considered extreme, well then somebody please start handing out the Cybernat badges. The pundits can keep sniping but the road to independence is getting shorter. Achieving this goal, and then we can really get started on improving life for the people of Scotland, is far more important than the hurt feelings of huffy journalists who are best ignored. They will find something else to write about……some day soon.


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