Taking The Biscuit

It’s my own fault I know. I shouldn’t have looked, but curiosity about how the very successful and colourful independence march in Glasgow at the weekend was reported by the various unionist purveyors of all that is right and truthful got the better of me.

As expected, yes the usual suspects can confirm that there were only twenty five blue face painted separatists with loud hailers, two small dogs and a granny in a wheelchair liberated from a local nursing home for the afternoon, in attendance. It may have looked like there were more of them, similar to when those spiteful nasty Nats visited good old Auntie’s broadcasting headquarters on a number of occasions a while back, but clearly it was all a bit of an optical illusion linked with the position of the sun in the sky at the time, behind the clouds, and the fact that the buggers kept moving about.

However the report on Saturday’s demonstration, which in the real world demonstrated that there clearly is a vibrant grassroots Indy Movement ready to hurl itself back into the fray, that really takes the chocolate digestive is the piece by the Scottish Daily Depress entitled “Lost souls join a cult.”

At first this article seems to be yet another run-of-the-mill everyday standard Sturgeon/Scottish/independence bashing scribble by the shield wielding Crusader. That is until a sinister picture of two numpties with their faces masked carrying a saltire with the words Scottish Defence League ,with the caption “The Scottish Defence League supported the March” found its way into the story.

I’m not going to publicise an organisation of far right single brain-celled racist cretins by sharing the photo but this is irresponsible journalism beyond the norms by this newspaper to try and dupe their readership, linking such a hate filled mob with the civic nationalism of the Scottish Independence movement. Mind you them and their like have spent the last thirty years telling their subscribers that immigrants are coming to steal their croquet sets and jam scones so I don’t know why I should be surprised.

Talk about a low blow. No wonder the mainstream media is increasingly having difficulty in retaining credibility.


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