Watering The Grass

Just in case you haven’t heard, there is a Scottish Independence March in Glasgow tomorrow, Saturday 30th July. If you can make it, the event starts at the Botanic Gardens (gathering at 10am) and makes its way, accompanied by the spirited skirl of the pipes,to George Square.

The organisers are hoping for a good turn out. I think they may get their wish. What a great opportunity tomorrow is to get out there and relieve a bit of that pent-up frustration that has built up now that we know that whilst we remain under Westminster control undemocratically Scotland will continue to have the Trident Sword of Damacles hanging over it, we’ll continue to endure the political whimsy of the newly spawned Tory government, which is righter in its content than Valgoth the tree-licker’s torture squad, and we are clear that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ for all of us cereal eaters.

Why is it important to get out and support such events?

Simples. The movement for self-determination in Scotland is not party political. It is far far bigger, and widely more diverse than that, and events like Saturday’s march helps to demonstrate that this is the case.

Nicola Sturgeon will continue to do what she does, and what she does well, she’s a smart cookie, getting on with playing the game of political etiquette and negotiating around the chaos which the keystone cops of Brexutopia cursed the rest of us with. Inevitably though, unless Theresa May can somehow set the clock back and change the referendum result, the day will come when a communique will wend its way from an email address in London to one in Brussels starting the ball rolling, and when that happens the hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters of Scottish Independence need to be refreshed, invigorated, energised and ready to take the message out door by door, landing by landing, block by block, street by street, and town by town.

Have no doubts, the British State knows it’s on a loser as things currently stand when it comes to a second referendum on Scotland’s future following their trail of demonstrable broken promises, their attempts to pockle us out of around 7 billion pounds from Scotland’s future revenues during the negotiations on the new tax raising powers (that was after they let us choose the colour of our road signs) and now their pledge to become a backward thinking, inward looking, land where they imagine they can relive Victoria’s finest years and try and revive the class system to a level similar to the 1950’s. As my gran used to say “There’s an arrogance there wae nothing to be arrogant about.”

Therefore if you thought the original Project Fear was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet. Backed in to a corner who knows what they are capable of, and we need to be ready.

So if you can, get to Glasgow tomorrow, take the kids, wheel yer granda, ask your neighbours to come. The grassroots are the key to Scotland’s future.


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