They Say We’re A Region

They say we’re a region, not a country,
we’re a backwater, not a ‘happening’ place.
We’re dependent, not independent,
we’re shrinking on the map, a disgrace.

Too wee, and too stupid,
that oil that we have is such a waste.
We’ll drink the vodka, let them sell the whisky,
they say we don’t need the tax money anyway.

But we’d lose our aunties, and our grannies,
the border guards wouldn’t let us cross the Tweed.
We’d have no protection from invaders,
apart from the radiation around our seas.

Oh wait a minute, not part of Europe?
Isolated, ostracised and grim.
Our votes dismissed, our views discounted,
Old Empire’s fear of immigrants a sin.

Can we do it? Will we do it?
Will they fool us a second time, put us in our place?
Yes, we can do it, Aye we’ll do it,
It’s more than once they’ve conned us, over many years.

Play it canny, with a straight back,
this time let Project Feart wither and dee.
Then Independence will be upon us,
real democracy, social justice and free.



Ally Farquhar 2016


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