“Better Together” they said. “My heart would be broken if Scotland left us” said the now redundant member of the landed gentry, Dave, as watered down snake oil ran down his cheeks onto his handwritten draft speech for the 19th September, obscuring for a moment the words “English Votes for English Laws”.

The only way Scotland was ever going to stay a member of the European Union was by voting No and remaining part of the “most extraordinary, buccaneering, brilliant country in history” said Dave again, urging voters in the south to “pick up the phone to friends and family in Scotland to urge them to vote against independence” seven months before the independence Referendum, as he launched a series of love-bombs in a northerly direction.

This week we see yet again another example of how bluff and bluster style Unionism at all costs, involving deception and propaganda, impacts Scotland in a negative manner, an example by its very blatancy and brass-neckedness that demonstrates the utter distain and contempt the British State holds for the people of Scotland.

On Monday the Westminster Government required the consent of parliament to take forward their plans to spend extortionate amounts of public money on already outdated, but next generation apparently, weapons of mass murder. Achieving this consent serves the purpose, in their minds, of proving to the world that collectively ‘Great’ Britain does not have a small appendage, is not a washed up former coloniser and exploiter of half the planet, and importantly keeps their pals in corporate arms manufacturing, and the banking sector who finance corporate arms manufacturing, happy, as well as the Good Ole Boys across the pond, who own the launch codes.

Despite 58 of 59 of the members of parliament who represent Scotland voting against renewing Trident, clearly reflecting the fact that the majority of the people of Scotland want nuclear weapons banished from our country, the Tory government, ably assisted by their acolytes on the red Neo-liberal benches, overwhelmingly won the day, effectively telling Scotland to shut up, you are a region, not a country, and we’ll continue to park weapons of mass destruction in your back yard because they are too dangerous to store anywhere else, and you are less valuable than the rest of us.

Part of the scaremongering argument they always use when they want to not spend billions of pounds on people, but do want to spend billions of pounds on potentially vaporising people, is the loss of Scottish jobs in maritime engineering and defence. The new Prime Minister was heard during the debate prior to the vote on Trident re-in forcing this old chestnut again, telling the members from Scotland that by their actions they were putting livelihoods at severe risk.

Then we discover only two days later, in a complete turnaround of Jim Hacker proportions, that perhaps them there engineering and defence jobs, that they are so mad keen on protecting when it suits their agenda, aren’t quite as important to them after all.

As yet another Better Together promise gets busted we discover that 8 new Royal Navy Frigates, commissions promised to the Clyde in 2014 as long as Scotland voted No, have due to budget cutbacks, austerity measures, Brexit, and just because they can, been temporarily shelved and are currently subject to “indefinite delay”. Funny that, how you can spend vast sums of money on one thing, potentially 200billion pounds over the course of Trident’s lifespan and have no money for anything else. A solid boot in the stones again for what remains of a once world-renowned industry that led the way in maritime engineering.

As if to just rub salt in the wounds of a country, not a region, which already had a target sight drawn around it on the maps of several former enemies, (even if they use the British media weather version which takes account of the earth’s curve and makes Scotland look smaller in proportion to the southern half of the UK, and therefore insignificant) also we learn this week that one of the current fleet of subsea conveyors of mass death has had a bit of a prang.

Yes, you couldn’t make it up. HMS Ambush, one of the newer submarines in Faslane’s fleet,was accidentally ambushed by a passing merchant vessel in a ‘glancing collision’ and had to limp into Gibraltar for repairs. Apparently the merchant vessel is still in fine trim and unharmed but the sub suffered some external damage. No member of the ship’s company was injured, which in all seriousness is good to hear, and happily there is absolutely no damage to her nuclear plant…. Oh well that’s alright then,

“Snake oil, snake oil…. Get your snake oil here! ” Better Together? Aye right.


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