Normal Service Resumed

Amid the turmoil of British politics, where currently Tory politicians of all persuasions are falling over themselves to make sure that Theresa May becomes Prime Minister, after David Cameron finishes his you can’t win them all chat with the old lady of London on Wednesday, and trots off to a future of continued extreme wealth, cloaks made from the skin of dead animals and funny hats whistling ” Always look on the bright side of life”, it’s almost comforting to see that the BBC are reverting to a bit of normal service being resumed.

Ruth Davidson is to make a speech, grabbing the attention of any passing journalists, denouncing attempts by the Scottish Government to take advantage of the Brexit vote to seek a second referendum into self-determination for Scotland.

Ruthie, back atop her armoured assault vehicle it seems, despite suggesting the other day that Westminster should not impede any second referendum if the people of Scotland demand one, suggests, as reported by the State broadcaster, that such a move would be “Irresponsible,” Them pesky dreaded “Nationalists” get a mention two or three times (as much as they can get away with in a short article) and the 2014 Referendum is described as being a period remarkable for its “divisiveness and toxicity. The language of unionism at all costs returns. It surely can’t be too long before the word “separatist” starts to seep back in.

Apparently calls for Scotland to seek Independence as a means of ensuring that the democratic will of the people who live there is upheld would just heap “uncertainty on uncertainty.”

Ruth then goes on to mention that in 2014 more Scots voted No to self-determination than voted to remain in the EU a couple of weeks ago. Yes Ruth but that was based on the party you represent, in their role as the Westminster government, along with their wee forty-faced pals across the chamber, making it part of their scary project of negativity that independence would bring a plague of economic woes and Scotland being banished like a fart in a convent from the European Union, unlike the remaining UK, where they considered themselves to be a paragon of contented partnership with our European cousins.

At that point in time Scots were subjected to a media and political bombardment suggesting that good old Blighty would never abandon Fritz, Manuel or Pierre the onion seller, despite being xenophobic to the point of paranoia about Johnny Foreigner, straight bananas, the European Court of Human Rights and the free movement of citizens of EU countries, although strangely not the free movement of Horace and Doris and several hundred thousand other retirees wandering from one British style breakfast to another (you can’t get the proper sausages, innit) in the south of Spain.

The BBC article does however mention that the SNP spokesperson they contacted in defending Scotland’s right to maintain it’s place in the European community made the point that ” Scotland needs the stability and security of remaining in the world’s biggest single market – for jobs, investment and prosperity.” Nice one.

“Stability and security,” now where have we heard that before?

The shoe is now firmly on the other foot, Scotland, Better Together in Europe, as an Independent member of the family of nations. Sounds good to me.


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