Brexit Broke

05 July 2016

The corridors of Westminster are awash with warm blood from stab wounds in the backs of high profile Tories (apparently the latest cabinet meeting should have been renamed “The Blue Wedding”) and Blairites are still desperately trying to do away with the only socialist in the village (he’d better watch out that he doesn’t skite in all of that blood and hurt himself before Chilcot makes his report).

Whilst this chaos ensues it seems only fair that Nigel Farage should feel he has to jump into the limelight once again for yet another farewell from public life speech. As if his appearance in the European Parliament last week wasn’t embarrassing enough. Go, go quickly, and don’t come back.

Dave the has-been is interviewing gamekeepers for his new estate in Scotland. That’s fine, we accept immigrants with open arms, even him if he promises to play nice, Boris is out of the way and now professes to be backing “the new Thatcher,” heaven forbid, in the 3.30 at Brexitchaos, and Gove, who has shown himself to be as reliable and trustworthy as a Robert Maxwell pension fund, is all but finished. He is still standing in the leadership race although he insists he doesn’t have the charisma for the job. He is right, he doesn’t.

Career politicians of both the main establishment parties, many of them in it only for self-gain and access to privilege, are lining up to either sook up to or condemn whichever headliner they think they can gain from or help remove to get themselves higher up the career ladder, sickening really, like a pack of hyenas snarling at each other over a carcass.

During all of this chaos, bloodletting and ego massaging the business of remaining calm, providing leadership and projecting an air of quiet gravitas amidst the maelstrom of the last ten days has fallen to the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

One thing is entirely clear about this whole Brexit mess, and it’s a point that should be rammed home on every possible occasion, Scotland voted to remain a European country, taking an entirely different democratic view from England. This simple fact will lead to Scotland becoming an independent state.

The First Minister is making sure that she and her government explore, and importantly, are seen to explore, all possible remedies other than an Independence Referendum to ensure that the democratic will of the people of Scotland is fulfilled. If following negotiations these avenues are closed down a second referendum in Scotland becomes inevitable, and a positive vibrant grassroots campaign this time in even higher numbers, as disgruntled remain voters join the fray, will see success.

Project Fear will batter away at all things European, which will just further alienate Scots. We’ll hear of further oil crises to come, we’ll learn about how Scotland going it alone potentially would create a great world depression, we’ll find out that every financial institution will be moving headquarters south as a result if Scotland decides to stay with Europe (oh wait….. they’ll struggle to argue that one this time), yet again we’ll be too wee, too poor, too stupid, but I’ll tell you what we won’t be, the people of Scotland have already told them this, we won’t be isolated.


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