The Spinning Wheel To Isolation

In a galaxy far away on a little planet capable of sustaining life, but for much of its history incapable of respecting it, there was a small groups of islands, situated in a cold northern sea.

Like many of the larger islands on that planet these small islands were governed by an elite privileged few. A group who, whilst outwardly portraying a false facade to the general population that promoted the idea that those living on the islands lived in a genuine democratic society, inwardly,and above all else, effectively carried out only one main important function, to take whatever steps were necessary, using all of the substantial power available to them, to maintain their own personal status and wealth.

This system evolved and was perfected over many hundreds of years, initiated by cruel and pitiless individuals taking advantage of others, seizing property and wealth, gaining benefit from the slavery of other human beings, and establishing themselves as rulers in the face of those they seen as weaker than themselves.

Throughout many centuries turmoil existed as power hungry individuals warred with each other to obtain and retain this ultimate wealth and the ruthless power of life and death over the people of the small islands, who over time obtained a new title, subjects.

Bizarrely this process of establishing an ultimate hierarchy resulted in a long-standing entrenched system whereby rulers of the small islands achieved their status simply as an accident of birth, with no other merit other than having been born as an descendant of the most ruthless and successful warlord who had reached the top of the power pile without being toppled.

This became further sophisticated as a class system developed where other power hungry individuals fed off and obtained an advantage from a connection with, or from providing services to, these privileged few, gaining wealth themselves and becoming part of that elite, all of whom achieving their status on the back of the toil and effort of the general population.

Ultimately these individuals would, over time, subtly build up the necessary power to usurp the hereditary leaders of the islands, whilst keeping them comfortable in the manner of extreme wealth they had become accustomed to, using them cleverly and wisely as a totemic symbol of the island’s history, a dynasty to be protected and worshipped, idolised without question. These other elite few, clearly in control, embroiled now in huge corporations and politics, continued to go about the business of protecting their wealth and gaining further advantage for themselves.

As time moved on it became clear that the old ways of keeping the people under control were becoming outdated. Direct threats and punishments for those stepping out of line or challenging the elite no longer could be made. The population would not stand for it.

There was only one answer, propaganda, and the power-brokers identified it quickly, utilised it well, honed it effectively, and successfully controlled and manipulated the population of those small islands for many years.

It was a clever tactic to employ. Simply by using their media sources consistently, sometimes over many years, steering a number of scare stories, often with absolutely no basis in truth, in whichever direction that they wished, they could manipulate vast sections of the people into believing that greed was healthy, poor people escaping from horrors overseas were demons, foreigners generally were not to be trusted, that unjustified overseas wars resulting in unnecessary mass death and destruction were necessary, and not about protecting wealth, and strangely that giving up a membership of an organisation with other nearby countries which has wiped out conflict in the region for many years, providing protections in employment and human rights, as well as a customer base for the small islands goods and services of 500 million people was somehow a good thing.

Thank goodness the small islands concerned are on a planet far far away.


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