Scotland’s Day

The day of the Scottish Parliament Elections is here, although going by the underwhelming coverage in the breakfast news you wouldn’t think so.

Whatever happens today I hope the majority of Scots decide to make their choice of government for the next five years about the future of their communities and the possibilities for a better Scotland, taking another route away from the staid established order, rather than about traditional voting habits.

Westminster’s political personalities have a love for the word “powerhouse” when talking about devolved government. The election of an independence-seeking ‘powerhouse’ Scottish Parliament returned by a strong majority is crucial if real change is to occur over the next five years.

An old adage which is apt to bear in mind, not for today, but for tomorrow and the days to come, once the electioneering party political rhetoric recedes, the dust settles, and the Yes juggernaut begins to rumble again, goes something like this….

There were two wolves in the wilderness. One was darkness and despair, the other was light and hope. Which one will survive the longest?

Whichever one you feed.

Vote Scotland.


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