Scexit The UK

A short note today folks, due to being a wee bit under the weather, on last night’s Question Time. An impressive performance from Former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, who was as usual erudite in his response to questions. His answer to the question on whether Brexit would inevitably lead to the break up of the United Kingdom was spot on. The majority of Scots, including many Independence supporters will vote to remain in the EU, because it’s the right thing to do.

It was clear from the follow-ups to his answer, from those to his right and left, that there is an element of the righter-than-right comedy act motley crew who are campaigning for their beloved mystical imaginary Kingdom of St George to escape the clutches of evil Johnny Foreigner who most certainly want Scotland to achieve self-determination, as they see Scots as a burden.We are subsidy junkie wasters, and nobody understands us anyway.

Long may they shout loud in the media because every time they do the number of Scots becoming convinced that Independence is the way forward will increase, much to the unease and disgruntlement of Dave, the many faced leader of the Bullingdon Neo-Liberal Trickle Downers. There’s exploitation to be carried out, and Scotland is, and should remain in his view, the target for that.

Cameron’s Tory colleague’s comments to Former First Minister Salmond on the old “once in a lifetime” pledge (yawn)which keeps getting drummed up every time the Scottish Independence referendum is discussed in the British media, which we all know is taken out of context (Salmond generally prefacing his comments at the time with “we may never get another chance”) was again very well responded to by the Scot, but his answer was somewhat lost in the melee of politicians, hedge fund managers and a BBC political grandee programme host jabbering over the top of one another to get the last word in.

When asked about this “once in a lifetime, once in a generation” pledge Alex Salmond rightly pointed out that for there to be a further referendum on Scottish Independence there would need to be a “material change in circumstances” that would generate the requirement for a further ballot. He then highlighted that in a Westminster General Election last year, 56 of 59 possible representatives were selected democratically by the people of Scotland from the Scottish National Party, a party who exists with the fundamental aim of an independent Scotland.

It could be argued, and it was at the time, that this fact itself is enough to constitute a “material change in circumstances “but in politics, particularly politics involving the extraction of a country from a long standing abusive and exploitative relationship where a much larger partner tries it’s very best over a long period of time to absorb the smaller partner’s assets, resources and culture into its own, timing is everything.

Kudos to Alex Salmond. Keep up the good work Brexiteers, shout out your Little Englander xenophobia loud and clear and Scexit from Westminster will come ever closer.


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