Roll on the second week of May when, hopefully, the SNP have received a majority mandate from the people of Scotland to carry on governing the country (minus the powers currently still reserved to Westminster) and gets on with the job of work implementing their social democratic,left of centre,political programme for a better, fairer Scotland.

Hopefully too there will be a number of others elected to the Scottish Parliament equally as committed to self-government for Scotland from the Greens and the Scottish Left/ RISE, and that the final election results demonstrate that the political parties of unionism are in serious decline north of the border.

Scotland has ‘form’ when it comes to factional infighting and disagreements in its past, which has held it back from determined and capable groups coming together to focus on addressing the real reasons why it hasn’t progressed in achieving its potential, and alleviating its issues of poverty, poor health and lack of opportunities for its children.

Hopefully by the time the newly confirmed First Minister launches her initiative to raise awareness and build confidence amongst Scots who previously voted No in September 2014, in the summer months, the various groups associated with the civic phenomenon which was the Yes Campaign will again come together to once and for all nail the constitutional question, by raising the political consciousness of Scots to a point where the majority are clearly and consistently in favour of self-government.

Debate and persuasive discussion is healthy. There is room within the Independence Movement for all of the current players. If a sovereign Scotland is to be achieved all of these groups will be required to work closely again as a formidable force, within the boundaries of their own various individual policies.

The unionist media, as is their way, bless them, will continue to try and divide and conquer. After 5th May, hopefully, they’ll have less to write about.


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