The Union, A Positive Case

I’m still reeling, as I’m sure many of us are, at the monumental, hugely significant news coming out of Scottish and UK politics over the last 24 hours.The war is soon to be over! Let children play, grandmothers joyfully sing, and bells ring out across the land. At last, the end of Project Fear!

The tank-driving Scottish leader of the original Tories northern subsidiary, at the launch of their manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary Elections, has declared that it is time to “shift away from the negativity of Better Together” and switch strategy to ” No more Project Fear.”

As part of this commitment Ruth Davidson has let it be known that she is soon to launch a new pro-Union campaign to combat First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon’s promised summer initiative to build support for an independent Scotland.

Here’s the astounding bit. This campaign is apparently going to be positive, “a clear pro-UK case, a case that must be made far, far better” than the 2014 No campaign.

Isn’t that marvellous? My goodness we’ll all be convinced and back in our boxes in no time, doffing caps, wearing ginger wigs and shouting ” See you Jimmy” at tourists with the best of them.

It will be very interesting to see how this develops, although I would suggest to Ruth Davidson that making a better positive case for the Union than they did in 2014 is dead easy, bearing in mind that in 2014 they never made the slightest effort at being positive……at all.

The people of Scotland have waited, and waited, and waited, for a long time now to hear what is so great about being in a relationship where they’ve been absorbed, with their assets and resources, into another bigger country, or are an equal partner in a Union, depending on your view-point.

Obviously we would expect that Ms Davidson intends to focus in this campaign on social justice, health and education initiatives, opportunities for Scotland’s next generations, the rebirth and expansion of manufacturing, innovation, the closure of food banks across the nation, and the great strides her current party leaders have taken to crack down on corporate and personal tax evasion, all of that great stuff that being part of the UK is all about. It will be marvellous,

It will be so refreshing too to hear a positive visionary case about how much better the future will be for Scotland and its people as part of the UK, without all of of those standard Project Fear phrases designed to frighten voters and link independence to individual politicians, therefore belittling its value in the eyes of the electorate and ignoring the fact that there was a mass grassroots movement determined to see change behind the Yes Campaign.

You know the phrases I mean, generally coming out of Lord Darling of Turncoat’s gob or later from the last minute skate boarded in to frighten the Presbyterians, Gordy Broon. Phrases like” Strength and Security”, “The UK’s broad shoulders” ” What Alex Salmond will tell you is…..”, Salmond has a secret plan to cut the NHS”, the separatists will have no currency”……that sort of stuff.

I do them a slight disservice. One of their key campaign phrases could be loosely considered positive. Remember this one ” Vote No for faster, better, safer change in Scotland.” Ooft!

It will also be really great to see a campaign that will promote the benefits of being British honestly to Scots without all of that British Nationalism guff that for so long has been part of the protect the establishment agenda. Well done Ruth.

There will be no references to Union flags and smallish islands in the North Atlantic still being a world power, or TV segments of royals under the age of 40 running around Africa speaking at events to protect endangered animals that royals over the age of 40 shoot at. There will be no making shameful and disgraceful statements that our forebears who died as a result of the horrors of war would be ashamed of Scots who seek self-determination. There will be no red, white and blue contrails circling Stirling Castle.

I’m speculating here, but as part of this initiative might Ms Davidson also become a beacon for fairness in reporting of the constitutional question in Scotland? Being so sure of the soundness of her campaign for a positive Union with no need for the assistance of the establishment spinners will she take on the likes of the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the ‘Hootsmon’ north of the border, challenging their spin and bias, castigating their falsehoods, misrepresentations and disingenuous copy? Will she grasp the state broadcaster firmly in her tank commander gloved fist, shaking the bias and propaganda out of them and heralding a new era of balanced Scottish news?

I’ve got to admit I’m sceptical. In fact taking the tongue right out of my cheek for a moment I suspect this announcement is only about trying to attract what’s left of the non-self determination minded Scottish voters away from the red PFI Tory lites, who can surely not sink much further.

Unfortunately I think Ms Davidson will attract some more Scottish voters, of the kind seen quietly going about their business in today’s accompanying photo.

A positive case for the Union? No F$&#*ng chance.


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