The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Stepping away from “Dodgy” Dave, but on the same topic, during yesterday’s Commons sitting, in which the aforementioned Tory Prime Minister made a statement about his very taxing week, there were clear examples of the reasons why Scotland must go another way on show, ‘show’ being the operative word in this case.

Sir Alan Duncan, letting the elite mask slip for a second, he couldn’t help himself, just had to have a dig at those in his world who aren’t millionaires. Us plebs. We aren’t financially worth much therefore we have no merit or value in his mind, other than to make money for him and his pals if they can squeeze anything out of us by making a profit from something we can manufacture and give to them in exchange for low pay.

Cursory research, check it out, you’ll find lots more, reveals this guy is a multi-millionaire who got caught up in the MPs expenses scandal of a few years ago and didn’t think twice about claiming the likes of 4K for gardening, until the fees office wrote to him suggesting that his claim might not be “within the spirit” of the rules.

This is your cash we are talking about here, the tax you pay from your hard earned income, the income which you use to pay the electricity bill you lie awake sweating about at 3am. He was paying for his lawn being edged with that money, even though he has more money than he could ever dream of spending in his own right.

Also this is the same guy who was quoted as saying in 2009 in a discussion about MP’s salaries ( then around 64K per annum) that MPs had to “live on rations and are treated like shit.”

He smugly pronounced to the House yesterday, whilst defending the posh lad, that he supports the Prime Minister in fending off attackers because if he doesn’t
“We risk seeing a House of Commons which is stuffed full of low achievers” (presumably he means principled public spirited individuals who care deeply for the plight of their fellow human beings and pay their taxes, but who unfortunately,in his mind, haven’t joined his band of millionaire selfish greedy bastards).

But when he then says at the end of that sentence “and who know absolutely nothing about the outside world” I would suggest instead that it’s him and his private club member multi-millionaire chums who know very little about the real outside world, the one the rest of us live in, and they have no interest in ever finding out anything about it unless it’s going to further add value to their trust accounts in the Virgin Islands.

Moving on to dear old Dennis Skinner, good on him, an actual Labour man, not many of them about these days. Dennis made the type of statement he has become famous for over the years. However the Speaker in his handling of the incident made me cringe. Looking at the facial expressions of some of the Scottish members on the bench behind Mr Skinner you could see there were some of them wondering if they were in a chamber of political power or Billy Smart’s Circus.

The Tories all hee hawing, braying and calling out ” Throw him out, Throw him out” and “bye bye”, and then Bercow, bearing in mind this guy sits in a position where he is supposed to maintain order and facilitate the workings of parliament, turns to one of the shouters to his right and faux indignantly, dramatically (and childishly) states like a pantomime dame “I don’t require the assistance of a Junior Minister!” It is literally like the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Bearing in mind too that these people have to debate issues at times where they are sending the young people of the British Isles to go and kill others in foreign lands, and to potentially be killed themselves, it is quite bizarre.

The Scottish Parliament has its moments, but surely to goodness it can work better as a chamber of democratic decision making than the repeat public school satire show that has outstayed its usefulness that is Westminster.


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