Brass Neck Time

That’s the cat out of the bag now, kind of. It’s only taken several days and half a dozen squirmy statements but we’re getting nearer some form of the truth now. Yes, Prime Minister David Cameron has benefited from a tax avoidance scheme. To the tune of only 30k I would doubt, but it’s early yet.

He can’t resign. He can’t resign simply because he’d need to take at least half of his cabinet with him.

Currently, if he has more to hide,I would expect that his posse will be running around furiously trying to find ways to ensure that any financial forensic investigation can’t spot any more connections to offshore pots of cash other than the pocket change (to him and his ilk) that he admits to.

As Plan B the party whips will be doing the same for any potential replacements, having a few quiet conversations in dark corners, or in the last remaining smoke filled rooms where you can purchase alcohol, with the least culpable, or best at being able to disguise tax evasion, rising to the top as a potential replacement, if needed.

It’s brass neck it out time. He’ll survive it. If he goes it becomes a clear out of a rats nest, and not just on that side of the House. It would go on longer than Chilcot and damage the credibility of the “Mother of Parliaments”immensely. That’s why it won’t happen.

It’s entertaining to watch them squirm for a bit though.

Oh, for a future where all decisions about every power of the government of Scotland are made at Holyrood.


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