A Way Of Life

The one per cent are battening down the hatches folks, ably supported by their media arm. “Panamania” will be swept quietly under the lush Axminster any day now. The state broadcaster, forced into eventually mentioning the British implications of the multi million pound tax avoidance scandal, rather than concentrating on Russia and China, are trying hard to lose the story, and their newsprint pals are fixating on the genitals of infidelious celebrities, security worries for the royals, diabetes and the earth shattering benefits of walnuts.

Be ready for loads of phoaties of royal children out enjoying springtime, a new terror warning for the UK, a “refugees ate my hamster” style headline or two and a possible new cure for a life shortening illness involving avocados! There must be the season start of a new reality show coming as well. The Great British ice dancing, DIY makeover, spider eating, bake off will surely keep the masses from revolting.

Let’s face it, the Palace of Westminster, both chambers, as well as all of their corporate mates are all at it, present and past politicians. How, for example, did a former British PM amass a fortune of 60 million pounds? What kind of family wealth does the current Prime Minister really have when he refers to, when listing his assets, a personal haul of around 40 million pounds, as “that’s all I have”?

Avoiding paying tax is a way of life for these people. Meanwhile they use contrived and controlled shortfalls in public spending for essential services, their austerity schemes, “we’re all in it together” to run down, cripple and eventually sell off the UK’s assets for profits to their corporate mates whom they spend shooting weekend with, their financial cut of which they can further hide away in places like Panama or the Virgin Islands.

As they get richer they have no interest in the countless lives they are ruining in their wake. This doesn’t even cross their radar unless they are required to put on one of their many faces to appear politically correct to retain or justify their position of power, a recent example clearly being the tears of Iain Duncan Smith. That really was bizarre.

Something needs to change. Look how the people of Iceland have responded to this scandal, and look at the result. A good first step for Scotland is to step away, step away quickly and don’t look back.


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