You Couldn’t Make It Up

It’s a funny old game, the politics. A couple of days ago we had the leader of the Scottish branch office of New Labour getting herself in a right fankle publicly about her possible positive viewpoint on Scottish Independence should the United Kingdom exit the European Union, causing her party spin machine to go into full panic mode to get her out of trouble.This, only a few days after she had confirmed, when asked by the leader of the Tories in Scotland, that she will again stand side by side with them the next time self-determination for Scotland becomes the subject of a referendum.

The diet Tories Scottish election campaign is turning into a half hour spoof written by Armando Iannucci.

There is no truth in the rumour that she was last seen dancing the Hokey Cokey along Byres Road.

Then we’ve got the British media going into overdrive about the mysterious “leaked” documents “The Panama Papers” and not a dodgy moustache or fedora in sight. There is however a dodgy Prime Minister who is being strongly urged to shut down tax loopholes for the super-rich (the list of those using the services of the tax dodging offshore creative accounting firm to avoid paying tax in the United Kingdom of course includes his late father).

When asked if the Prime Minister still has any financial interests in this type of scheme offshore, an advisor to Mr Cameron suggested that this was “a private matter.” As a politician who is prone to pontification on the subject of clamping down on tax avoidance I would suggest that if he has done that very thing himself it is very much a public matter.

I bet he wishes the pig story would come back.


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