The Nation

This came up on my FB “On this day” today.
The Nation

A land of purple heather, of bothy’s and of glens,
of castles, and of monuments, of mighty snow-capped bens.
A harsh and brutal landscape the Romans could not tame,
Its beauty takes your breath away, it’s never twice the same.

Deep inside, a nation’s soul, imbedded to survive.
Scots overcome adversity, to flourish side by side.
Innovation, ingenuity, strong passions to succeed.
With a conscience for the greater good, not besmirched by greed.

You can sing old songs and ballads bloody,
Of loss and daring do.
Of freedom, and of heroes gone,
of tyranny, past and new.

But unless you rise and take that leap,
and have faith to cut the ties,
the lads of Eton and their like,
will exploit you with their lies.

A defiant anthem dearly held in its proud refrain,
In the past, days of glory, they must always remain.
But it’s time to step forward now, old unions on the wane,
and grasp self-determination, to be a Nation again.

……..Ally Farquhar (exile) 31 March 2014


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