Cruel Britannia

Is it to assist the campaign for Brexit? Is it an early run at positioning himself for a shot at the job of El Supremo amongst the chaos whilst the dust clears on the brave new world of a post European referendum Britannia? Or perhaps is he looking to sit at the right hand of the Mayor of hair ruffle, the master of fake and deceptive buffoonery? Is he suddenly growing a conscience? (I would sincerely doubt that one). The furore over the resignation of the arch-Tory hit man of the lower paid, unwaged, disabled and disadvantaged, Iain Duncan Smith, and the round of claims, counter-claims, theories on his motivation and the political strategy behind his decision to resign highlight one very clear and significant point for Scotland.

The Tories have no fear of any challenge to their grand plan of creating Great Britain Plc from any political opposition in the Palace of Westminster, particularly the weaker redder version of themselves across the chamber floor. They are in government for the long haul, and are comfortable enough in their position to cope with internal fracture and discord, competing amongst themselves to see which faction can be the most hard-line right wing and get away with it with impunity. They can publicly argue with each other about what they consider “social justice” without the slightest concern, guffawing over their cigars after dinner in the club whilst contemplating which section of a society, which they consider as commodities to be exploited, or burdens, if they can’t be exploited, to shaft next. They are going nowhere soon.

However long it takes Scotland need to step away and firmly shut the door behind them.


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