“And then you win.”

There were some highly significant words from the First Minister of Scotland in her address to her party conference yesterday.

“Making and winning that case is our challenge – and our opportunity. That is why I can tell you today that this summer the SNP will embark on a new initiative to build support for independence. It will not be an attempt to browbeat anyone. I know that many across Scotland support the union as strongly as we do independence – I respect that.

But I also know that many wanted to be persuaded in 2014 – but ultimately didn’t find our arguments compelling enough. So we will listen to what you have to say. We will hear your concerns and address your questions – and in the process, we will be prepared to challenge some of our own answers. And, patiently and respectfully, we will seek to convince you that independence really does offer the best future for Scotland.

A future shaped, not by perpetual Tory governments that we don’t vote for, but by our own choices and our own endeavours. That is how we will turn the 45% of September 2014 into a strong and positive majority for independence.”

A stirring moment indeed for the very many of us determined to see Scotland reach its ultimate sovereign destination and become an independent country once again, but what, in practical terms, does Nicola Sturgeon refer to when she talks about “a new initiative”?

I’m sure we’ll find out in the fullness of time once the SNP launch the programme geared at increasing support for Indy, but in the immediate aftermath of the FM’s speech there are many questions for the curious. Here’s a few.

Will plans for the key battleground issue of currency be set out? Project Fear will be a busted flush once that one’s clearly communicated to the people of Scotland, and confidence built.

By the way did you see former Governor of the Bank of England Mervyn King on Scotland Tonight the other night stating that there would have been no issue with Scotland continuing to use the pound as an independent country? Makes the blood pressure rise, doesn’t it.The currency issue needs to be fully addressed and put to bed.

Will there be Indy forums set up around the country to facilitate discussion on the issues of concern that our fellow Scots not yet at Yes have?

On that subject, if there are going to be forums how will the new initiative manage to encourage these folks out to attend such meetings, the right wing media’s fabled “silent majority”,bearing in mind that experience shows that gatherings about independence tend to result in audiences of like-minded Yes supporters, and one of the main criticisms of the last campaign was that we spent too much time talking to ourselves and not to the people who needed convinced?

Will there be a media campaign? Even better will there be a media space created specifically for the purpose of promoting Scotland and it’s culture? How will they effectively combat the unionist propaganda of fear?

Have discussions taken place already,or are they going to take place, as part of the initiative, to gather the key elements of the Yes campaign back together again once the Holyrood elections are over with? There are so many great minds and dynamic positive thinkers out there who have the skills to convince more of us to Yes.

Lastly, for now, what can we the grassroots supporters do to help? There are many of us, bursting with enthusiastic energy and passion. Use us.

The 45% will become the 60%. It is coming. As the wise man once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then…………you win.”


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