Smelling Project Feart

The fair city of Dundee during the referendum to decide whether Scotland should once again become an independent nation voted 57% in favour of such a move, the highest percentage of the whole country in favour of self-determination for Scotland.

This however was not reflected in any shape or form by the views of the audience during the British state broadcaster’s programme Question Time of 10 March 2016 from that city. Why is that?

The mainstream media in Scotland, both television news and newspapers, frothed into an almost pre-orgasmic stupor of glee about a set of financial statistics which show that a foreign trade dispute, out-with anyone’s control other than the two protagonists involved, has caused a slump in tax revenues from one of Scotland’s natural resources which it shares with the rest of the UK (to the tune of 323 billion pounds) creating a negative impact on finances for the last financial year, when for the previous 34 years Scotland has effectively significantly oversubscribed in their contributions to the London Treasury. Why is that?

The Daily Record front page yesterday, by the way, is a disgrace.

Unionist politicians, both from their lofty perches at Westminster, and via their various branch flunkies in Scotland,Ms Davidson, Ms Dugdale and Mr Rennie et al, jump on the bandwagon, wailing a mantra of doom for Scotland should the grim prospect of Scots ever being able to govern themselves independently darken the horizon again! Golly gosh we’d be a third world country, we couldn’t possibly survive, they cry. This being just weeks after they spent months trying to assist their London bosses to con their own country’s public services out of 7 billion pounds in the fiscal arrangement attached to the Scotland Bill (a parcel of rogues indeed). Why is that?

We will find out the answers to these questions on 5th May 2016.

The people of Scotland have one way to change the unfair blatant bias and manipulation of the facts about their country’s status that so obviously exists, and that is through the ballot box. The Scottish government elections are another step on the road to self-determination.

The forces of unionism are running scared.Once this lot are democratically wiped out at Holyrood they can then take the opportunity of the extra free time that they’ll have to look in the mirror and ask themselves the question, why is that?


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