Brass Tacks

Right, let me see if I’ve got this straight?

A small country, which is governed by a much larger country, which only allows the smaller country to control 20% of its own revenue and around 50% of what it spends it’s money on, has, apart from the last year, generated more tax per head of population than the larger country every single year since 1980, and has contributed over 323 billion pounds in tax revenue to the larger country’s treasury in the last 40 years from its natural resources, has now had a drop in its revenue of 1% for 2014/ 2015 due to a trading disagreement entirely out-with its control between two foreign countries which has resulted in the price of oil dropping. The resulting consequence being that the smaller country’s public spending exceeded it’s tax revenue by 14.9 billion pounds for the year, whilst the larger country has a national debt of 1.6 trillion pounds, and a deficit of 100 billion pounds per year.

This is seen as a reason for the small country to be beaten around the head and not to become independent from the larger country how?


3 thoughts on “Brass Tacks

  1. It’s called “The Westminster puzzle”
    They can’t work it out either so because they can’t understand the “puzzle” and the Scottish mentality, it must be kept under control.


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