Thank you for voting No.

I notice in the unionist media this morning that the leader of the Scottish Tories, Ruth Davidson, who is full of glee and rubbing her tank commander gloved mitts together in anticipation, is planning to publicly thank those in Scotland who voted No in September 2014.

This she intends to do following the publication today of the Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland Report (GERS), which will highlight the financial downturn in the oil industry and set off a media and unionist orgy of “Oh woe is me!” We’re doomed Cap’n Mainwaring! Thank God for the broad shoulders of Britannia! if we’d gone for that Independence lark the oil slump would have turned us into a third world country type of bollocks.

Well I hope she goes and tries to shake every one of them individually by the hand, and I hope a fair number of them, who I’m sure have had second thoughts since, refuse to be thanked for the following:

At least another five years, probably significantly longer, of right wing, trickle down (with no trickle) Tory austerity policies, where around 1% of the population will get even more super-rich and everybody else continues to get low paid, non-secure employment, and are just about able to survive, maybe. You’ll be able to get pay day loans though.

New Food banks continue to open regularly and are growing until soon there will be more of them than some of the better known fast food outlets. The Trussell Trust in the year 2014-15 recorded that three day supplies of food to desperate UK citizens were supplied on 1,084. 604 occasions. Yes that figure is staggering. According to the Tories and their pals across the floor at Westminster Food bank use is a normal acceptable part of modern day life, really?

Evil weapons of mass murder and destruction will continue to be stored within sight of Glasgow and the huge population of the Central Belt,of Scotland. 40 miles by road and considerably shorter as the crow flies. As someone pointed out to me recently blast waves don’t follow roads. In the grand scheme of things Scots are obviously expendable should there be an accident, a terrorist incident or God forbid, a strike by a foreign power, otherwise there would be other such bases elsewhere in the UK.

Scotland’s democratically elected representatives at Westminster have been downgraded to second class citizens under the EVEL legislation which, on the morning after duping Scotland into voting No, because we were getting the powers of ” as near a Federal State as possible” was all David Cameron could talk about. He would have been as well wearing a red nose, big shoes, a curly wig and a flower that squirts water at the TelePrompter during that speech. Now as a consequence Scotland’s elected members will no longer be able to become senior members of a UK government, a government that still makes all the major decisions about the governance of Scotland and decides how much money Scotland will have to spend,even after the FFS.

Scots will continue to fund, and be the subject of legislation ratified by the circus of non-democratically selected grandees, toffs, aristocrats and sold-out former socialists which is the House of Lords. A fine bunch of the best people, so remote from ordinary working people that some of them fly in from their foreign villas to vote. They continue to work hard (in between snoozes and corporate banquets) on their real function, the function of the British State,”to take as much money as possible from the many and give it to the few”(Robin McAlpine). They are ably assisted of course by new arrivals rewarded for their services to protecting their way of life, like Lady bra strap of Mcbagpipe.

Large capital projects elsewhere in the UK, which Scotland will never see the benefit of, will continue to receive huge wedges of Scottish tax payer funding, as in the super duper fast new rail system that is being built, which was initially to include Scotland, but has now been cancelled for north of the border. Scots will pay 3.64 billion pounds for the privilege of watching the ribbon being cut on a modern rail link from Manchester to London that they’ve helped fund.

The feet have been taken right out from under renewable energy schemes with the Tories cutting subsidies early to an industry where Scotland had in process 70% of the UK’s planned future wind farms, and the potential to grow into a world leader in wind and wave renewable energy technology. Naw, why think of the planet, fossil fuels and atomic energy are ”better together’ in the union. Not to mention fracking. Look out Scotland, that moratorium won’t last forever, The British government will find a way to dig underneath your patio shortly, have fear, have lots of fear.

Fewer than 500 people will continue to own half of the land of Scotland. This may still have been the case following independence but I’m damn sure that in the first few years a significant land reform review would be looking at tackling this issue and the dodges employed by vacant landlords which currently exist where rich landowners or corporations avoid tax payments.

There are many more such wonderful advantages of remaining part of the Union but I think Ruth might want to be sure to thank No voters for the one real benefit of the British State that Scots voting to remain under Westminster control have achieved:

The people of Scotland will not be governed by a government of their democratic choice. Kind of an important point that.

Much as the bombardment of SNP Bad will wash over the media over the next few days one thing to remember is there is indeed more to Scotland than just oil.


2 thoughts on “Thank you for voting No.

  1. instead of flinging insults around, trying putting in some facts and figures, SNP has been running Scotland for over 8years and all it does is whinge about westminister. Move on and start doing what we pay our mps to do…run Scotland . Did any of you really read the white paper? get the facts and figures out there for A CHANGE!


  2. Easily your best work to date Ally. Some great and specific points to hit home. The “NO trickle down effect” completely captures the actuality. This is a fundamental PoP of the Tory zeitgeist ie: Piece of Pish! It is well known that the very idea of the multi-millionaire going out and buying another Bentley or yacht or helicopter is utter bolloks! It’s actually the underpaid who manage to get a minimal increase in wage who goes out and buys a loaf, shoes, nappy, etc … ie: something their family needs to actually SURVIVE, and it’s THAT which is the “trickle down”.
    Food Banks? Don’t get me started! I hate them!
    I was actually against them as a proposal in the first instance. I could see that by even talking of having them as a ‘fail stop’ was merely an encouragement to unscrupulous employers and Tory landlords and the Westminster Reich to not pay a living wage; not maintain affordable rents; basically shaft the benefit claimant and vulnerable no matter what their personal situation may be. Mental health problems; physical handicaps; geographic locality issues? They just don’t give a sh1t! “The Trussell Trust food banks will pick up the slack.” What an attitude!
    It’s gone from 4,000 ‘clients’, up to the 1,100,000 figure you post. That’s just obscene! In this day and age of ANY western society, affluent beyond our means, to have figures such as this is a criminal disgrace. But it’s not by accident, it is purely by design. A design of our more affluent, privileged elite.
    I intend expanding more on the evils of EVEL shortly but I just felt I had to place on record my admiration for your posts, but this one in particular.
    Keep up the good works, all the very best.

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