40 miles fae Glesga Cross

I read with extreme scepticism and incredulity this morning the standard cyclical British unionist BBC Scottish news headline relating to the horrible instrument of mass death and destruction that is Trident.

Tory defence secretary Michael Fallon, this time taking aim at their former stooges during the independence referendum, the red tory-lites, has advised their state media cheerleaders, as they do on a regular basis, that “a decision to scrap the nuclear missile system could jeopardise million of pounds of investment in Scotland” and “Labour’s divisions over Trident could endanger thousands of jobs.”

Away and give us peace Mr Fallon, literally! Take your false propaganda elsewhere. Scotland is waking up to this kind of keech.

With the Trident vote coming up over the horizon at Westminster the Project Fear well-thumbed playbook has been turned to page 666, the section entitled “How to convince a peaceable population that mass murder is a palatable option to protect wealth” yet again.

The Tories are trying to make political hay about the fact that the Scottish branch of New Labour voted last November to scrap the monstrous weapons of death while their controlling party in London take the opposite view, apart from their principled but ineffective leader.

I would suggest there is a very good reason for this difference in opinion in Labour’s ranks, geography. The southern faction of the chinless sell-serving mob don’t live anywhere near the blast zone should a screw come loose when a dark coloured heavy goods truck surrounded by polis motorbikes accidentally tips a nuclear warhead onto Dumbarton Road as it negotiates the roundabout in front of Stirling Castle and meets a Mr Whippy van coming the wrong way.

The entire Central Belt of Scotland, and a good bit more around it, are vulnerable to the horrible effects of a nuclear accident,and you can guarantee that Ming the Merciless, Johnny foreigner, or whomever America reckons would target the weapons that they position on British submarines, which allows the UK government to perpetuate the myth that they belong to Britain just because Britain’s tax payers are paying through the nose to have them parked there, have Faslane firmly circled in red on their big target display map that they ponder whilst stroking a spiteful cat with their gammy black leather gloved haund in their underground headquarters.

This propaganda rubbish appears just before every Tory conference in Scotland, and previously by New Labour too when the red version was in control of the southern Metropolis (innit). Ironically the red Scotia, who also used similar tactics themselves during the referendum to frighten the horses, are now being pilloried for doing the right thing.

just as a matter of balance it is interesting to note that following a Freedom of Information Request from Scottish CND the Ministry of Defence provided a definitive number of civilian jobs on the Clyde, including Faslane and Coulport, which directly rely on the uptake of the Trident strategic weapons system. That number is 520.

The SNP (bad badsterds) has calculated that diverting one billion pounds from the Trident replacement programme into infrastructure spending in the West of Scotland would generate around 15,000 jobs.

How horrible is it that successive UK governments can incrementally over a number of years completely decimate the industrial and manufacturing landscape of a country, de-skilling a workforce renowned for its world class abilities and innovation. Then in their greed they were allowed to turn it’s economy into a low income retail style model, where any profit realised heads into the pockets of their pals, city of London’s investors, or overseas (it is never invested in Scotland, it’s taken from Scotland).

Now, on a regular basis, they coercively and outrageously threaten to shut down one of the last pieces of a once great maritime building and engineering maintenance industry, which they’ve only left there anyway because they are frightened of the things that go bang that they keep there for their convenience, far away from danger to the voters they rely on, and close to a mass of population they don’t care about, anytime they want to spend vast sums of your money to pretend they still have an empire. Are we mug punters or what?

Independence cannot come quick enough. Send these weapons of mass destruction south. and then let those in power face the consequences when the population of Scotland’s neighbour tell them what to do with them. They haven’t listened to us, but they will certainly have to listen to them when there is a ticking sound coming from their own backyard.


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