Nationalists Bad


I’ve always hated the way the unionist media jump on the word “National” shamefully milking it for all it’s worth, trying to promote a negative image of a right wing blood and soil “Nationalism” connection to the SNP rather than the civic nationalism with a small ‘n’ that that political party actually represents.

The establishment’s media wing has used this technique widely and falsely for years promoting entirely inaccurate hints at fascism and hordes with blue painted faces mistrusting all things English. This is deliberately designed to belittle and undermine any questioning of how government actually works in that ‘unbreakable partnership’ which exists between Westminster and Scotland

If you are a reader of comments from political articles in such publications as The Telegraph and The Mail you”ll be aware that this works particularly well in deceiving Scotland’s neighbours south of the border.

It is despicable really when you think of it, the mainstream media of a group of countries geographically from the same land mass trying to create and fuel distrust and division between the peoples of those lands. The continuous use of the word “Separatists” also carries the same negative connotations.

Looking up the word “Nationalist” in a dictionary reveals the following:
( Pro Independence, Pro Autonomy, Pro Self Rule, Pro Self Government)
There’s nothing wrong in any of that. Why should a country not want to govern itself?

Moving on to a Thesaurus definition we see: (“Nationalist” A person wanting Independence for their group or state. “Person who believes their nation is most important, someone who feels that their nation’s interests should be considered as more important than those of other nations,” example “The right wing Nationalists won 43 seats “…… “Separatist”)

There’s the hook they hang their hateful spin upon. They don’t want to acknowledge that in fact Scotland wants equality, fairness, social justice and real democracy. They’d rather see us as considering ourselves to be better than anyone else. This is ironic when you consider the realities of the history of empire and the British establishment Nationalism and jingoism which still exists. It is clear too that there is an increasing element of militarism returning to British culture over the last twenty years which helps them to continue to promote an image that somehow they are still a major world power.

In their minds the only “Nationalism” which has any merit is their own, a nationalism which is so entrenched that often they don’t even recognise it is there.

I heard recently someone discussing this very subject, I cant remember who, and they came up with an idea that I thought had some merit. We’ll never be able to stop the. establishment from falsely branding the SNP but hows about, where it’s possible, introducing the word Sovereignist into the mix instead of Nationalist? Effectively that is primarily what we, the SNP and the wider Yes Movement, are. We want Scotland to be responsible for its own destiny, to join the family of world nations.

We are not better than anyone else but we’d most definitely like to be treated as an equal.


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