English gold? Really?

I missed producing a rant yesterday online for a very good reason, the birth of my grandson,and a smashing wee sowel he is too. However I had to seriously have one of those coffee spluttering EH? moments whilst catching up with the news headlines. This occurred when I read that former Secretary for Scotland under that giant of modern politics John Major, and also former Thatcher poster boy, Michael, now Lord, Forsyth had paraphrased Rabbie Burns in describing First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as having been “bought and sold with English gold” to secure further powers for Scotland.

Really? You could not paint a red neck on the man! Lord Forsyth of Drumlean,or wherever, away and have a wee word wae yerself!

There he is sitting on his red leather bench inside a chamber of self important worthies with made up titles, like Lord Scroat of Greenbogie,resting comfortably amongst the snoozing expense gatherers and directorship collectors of London financial institutions, popping in for their three hundred quid between corporate banquets and shooting weekends, suggesting that the First Minister of Scotland and leader of the SNP (Yes, they are still bad) has sold out for a pay off and riches (additional powers). He’ll be very familiar with the word rich I would think, him being knee deep in moolah!

This is a career politician, now financier in the small controlling ‘powerhouse’ of London (Tories of both varieties love the word powerhouse, they use it all the time) which runs the rest of the British Isles, who in his role as Secretary of Scotland must surely have been aware of the real facts about Scotland’s finances and its relationship with the Treasury, must have been aware of the the McCrone Report, must have been aware of levels of tax revenue collected and grant funding provided over the last forty odd years, yet he still peddles propaganda that Scotland, his country, is subsidised by the United Kingdom.

Let’s get this straight. During the very recent successful negotiations undertaken by the Scottish Government with the UK Toff gangster mob of the Conservative British Government the financial settlement which was under discussion involved Scotland’s access to Scotland’s own finances, tax revenue generated by the people of Scotland and the wealth, services and goods which they produce, not anybody else’s money Mr Forsyth.

During the protracted period of discussions, compromises and counter-offers the stoic work of John Swinney, his team, and First Minister Sturgeon, the SNP Scottish Government team (bad beyond belief) achieved one key success for Scotland, the UK government did not manage to squirm out of a commitment they previously had made but which had no intention of keeping, they did not manage to claw back unfairly by stealth around 7 billion pounds over the next ten years of the people of Scotland’s money.

Mr Forsyth, a Scotsman, thinks this money generated by Scots, which pays for essential public services for Scotland, should be used to fund new bridges in London, even better infrastructure for London, high speedy speed rail systems to London (not from Scotland though) big horrible missiles to protect London (although housed in Scotland in case they leak and harm the people of London) and to line the pockets of his corporate pals in London who have villas in Mustique.

The big test of whether a country is being subsidised is to make a comparison of whether the rest of the UK would be better or worse financially if Scotland was not part of it. In a report prepared by those eminent researchers into such things Dr Jim and Mrs Margaret Cuthbertson for the Jimmy Reid Foundation, which was subsequently provided to the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament at their request in May 2014, it was determined that using a starting point of 1980, around the time the Barnett Formula was introduced ‘if Scotland had instead become independent at that time and taken on its share of the UK’s debt,had enjoyed the same level of public expenditure now devolved as was funded by Barnett, had experienced the same levels of public expenditure on non-devolved services then Scotland today (Autumn 2014) would have been at least 150 billion pounds better off, and the rest of the UK would have been worse off by the same amount.”

Lord Britnat, go forth and byle one’s heed.


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