God bless Hooky Street

Och well then. That’s it settled. Stand down now those in favour of living in a democratic country which has it’s own government. The baw is burst, the gemme is up. Scotland is gonnae be considered North Britain by some for a wee while longer.

I love the media headlines varying around a theme of “Scotland will now have one of the strongest devolved parliaments in the world.” Compared to whom? Almost all of the other democratic devolved parliaments around are based on federal states within a country. Unless anyone can tell me differently I’m pretty sure that Scotland is a country itself, no?

Its benevolent godfathers have kindly agreed, after being dragged kicking and screaming to the table several times, and sitting through endless hours of John Swinney staring hard at them over the top of his glasses , drumming his fingers on the polished oak veneer, sniffing loudly and muttering under his breath the words “I smell shite”, to reduce their deception of the Scottish people, or at least delay it somewhat, if they are still relevant in six years time.

The Cameron cabal involved in the lengthy Fiscal Framework settlement negotiations would have been as well being replaced by the likes of Arthur Daley, Boycy and Del Boy. Although it is clear that David Mundell is not a good substitute for Charlie Endell Esq.

Conmen and tricksters one and all displaying a complete disrespect for the people of Scotland. Unionist representatives whose only aim since their mendacious panicked empty promises of Autumn 2014 has been to completely avoid fulfilling any promise,if possible, or to massively backtrack on the solemn vow which was heralded from the heavens that Scotland would have “Home Rule” or be “as near to a Federal State as possible.”

Through the whole watering down process of the Smith Commission, which met to the background music of the speeded up Benny Hill theme tune to keep up with the farcical timescale it was set, to the complete disregard of any amendment put forward by democratic representatives of the people of Scotland , the whole process has been nothing short of a sham. A sham to allow Westminster to be able to falsely say they’ve done something for Scotland, instead of what they have actually done for three hundred years, and continue to do, take from Scotland.

If the London Treasury officials involved had backtracked any further on this process they’d have ended up tripping over the horses on Horse guards Parade, slowing doon the Whitehall Traffic, and ultimately falling backwards over the fence intae the toxic soup of the Thames!

The usual so called “Scottish” journo types with their union flagged labelled cardigans are crowing today that “The Vow” has been delivered. Shameful lot. What a load of chinless wonders.

Imagine gloating about the fact that a government which rules the country you are from, a government which your country never democratically voted for, or ever does, has just spent the last year trying to steal vast sums of money from your countryfolk, and were only stopped from doing so because of the steadfast determination of actual representatives of your country to stop them. How sick is that?

On that subject Mr Swinney and his team, and the First Minister of Scotland, of the SNP (who are “bad”) are to be heartily congratulated. Very well done on their part.

Reading through this morning’s associated articles comment sections in the likes of that great Scottish daily journal “The Britishman” it is clear that those with a passion for continuing to live in a country run by someone else think that this settlement now puts an end to any possibility of a further referendum on independence for Scotland.

Nah. The Scottish Government, currently the SNP (who are still “bad”) are playing this very cleverly. They have managed to gather some more power, not anywhere near what they should have, but financially it will be enough to rule out the possibility of our old pals at Project Fear being able to scare the pants off previous swithering No voters about Scotland not being able to manage its own financial affairs next time. That is a key positive to take from this agreement.

To move to the next stage on the road to Independence the Scottish SNP Government (did I mention they were “bad?”) have to do two things well over the next couple of years . Two big tests.

One, use the new limited tax powers they have been granted by the British State (and what a state they are !) effectively. In the face of increased financial pressure it will take all of John Swinney and his team’s canniness and expertise to meet the challenge of spending the revenue wisely. Remember Westminster are trying to set the SNP ( they are very very “bad”) up to fail.

Two, continue to protect the fine work that has been done on free tertiary education, prescriptions, care for the elderly etc whilst at the same time actively produce and implement more radical plans for social justice. Plans which must succeed.

It is of huge importance to the cause of self-determination that Scotland continues to take a widening successful different path away from the neo-liberal me-me society of the British establishment. A path which will continue to build confidence amongst the people of Scotland, and ultimately will create a modern socially democratic European country sure of its identity as a sovereign state.

I think they can do it.


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