Some Brussels Sprouts with your pork Prime Minister?

Thatcher encouraged a future of unconscionable selfishness. Those who followed on from her are infinitely worse.

In the run up to the Referendum on continuing membership of the EU British nationalism is going to rear it’s ugly head on both sides of the debate, achieving exactly what those right wing politicians who contrived to create such a situation set out to achieve, increased xenophobic distrust of foreigners, an enhanced image of “Rule Brittania” and a misplaced perception amongst their traditional voters that their beloved leader has actually used strong leadership skills, charm, intellect and charisma to bully and cajole those frightful Frogs and Germanic types into submission allowing the UK a “special status.” Aye right!

Anyone who listened to the aforementioned Dave the Rave crowing about his “hard won concessions” from Europe, playing to the msm press gallery and basically ripping the mince out of all things European, (a smart move to insult your partners Mr Cameron, not) will easily identify that this issue is his equivalent to Thatcher’s Falklands political rescue.

There is no chance of the United Kingdom leaving the EU and the PR team behind both Cameron and his “allegedly” opposing viewed buddy Boris feeding their media pals will have a field day over the next few months manipulating Scotland’s southern neighbours into a jingoistic union flag waving frenzy. A deliberate sham but a sideshow which will portray a warped view that Britain has gotten one over on those nasty foreigners so let’s take advantage of them further rather than leaving them.

The UK as it exists is rapidly heading towards becoming a geographically distant 51st state, where the rich get super rich, those in well paid or reasonably paid work envy them and try to be like them, and the lower paid, unemployed and disabled are further despised and swept under the carpet.

The political party created to better the future of working people and the vulnerable have corrupted themselves over the last 25 years incrementally until there is no discernible difference between them and those they were designed to combat.That is unforgivable.

There is presently one solution to this for the people of Scotland. Vote SNP on both counts in May. Get rid of as many unionists as possible. Let’s start to reverse this right wing greed and build a mature society that takes care of everybody. Get the show on the road with long-term consistent policies focussing on social justice, clearly different to the rest of the current UK, and work towards real democratic self government . As soon as it can be achieved current barriers that exist between factions which have developed in what was the broad based Yes Movement need to broken down too and partnerships re-established. Eyes on the prize.

This only requires the will to do so.


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