For as long as but a hundred

Welcome to “It is in truth not for glory” a blog produced by an exiled Scot, Ally Farquhar, living in Perth Western Australia, who is fascinated by the explosion of political awareness and the determined hunger for progressive change which has broken out amongst his fellow Scots during the second decade of the 21st century.

An ardent believer in self-government for Scotland the author looks in from afar at the ongoing struggle for Independence and wholeheartedly supports Scots who voted Yes on 18 September 2014, those who had the vision and courage to imagine a fairer, Scotland, focused on social justice, and committed to a better future for all of its people.

Written with passion, humour, and the occasional sprinkle of sarcasm, the opinions expressed in this blog unashamedly follow the heart, as well as the head.

One day soon the shackles will snap and the unicorn will break free.


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